100 Major Reasons Why Always I proud of BTS ARMY

100 Major Reasons Why Always I proud of BTS ARMY
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Daily US Times: BTS also is known as the BTS ARMY and Bangtan Boys. It is a seven-member South Korean boy band shaped in Seoul in 2010. The septet co-writes and produces a lot of their output. Initially, a hip hop group, their musical type has developed to incorporate a wide range of genres.

Their lyrics, typically targeted on personal and social commentary, contact on the themes of mental well being, troubles of school-age youth, loss, the journey in the direction of loving oneself, and individualism. Their work options references to literature and psychological ideas and contains an alternate universe storyline. The group have staged a number of world excursions.

What’s BTS ARMY?

BTS ARMY is made up of seven members: Kim Seokjin (Jin), Min Yoongi (Suga), Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), Kim Namjoon (RM, previously generally known as Rap Monster), Park Jimin (Jimin), Kim Taehyung (V), and Jeon Jungguk (Jungkook). BTS stands for Past the Scene, nevertheless, they’re also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys and Bulletproof Boyscouts. ARMY which is their fanbase stands for Adorable Representatives of MC Youth.

  1. They’re completely different
    So just a few years in the past, I wasn’t a K-Pop fan. I only listened to regular American artists like Taylor. However, for me, her music always sounded the same. Just a few of my mates advisable a group is known as EXO. I went to look it up and located it no completely different from Taylor’s music.

2. Their Honesty
Think about telling a stranger or a group of people, your struggles, insecurities and thoughts? Kinda scary proper? You’re afraid to be judged for them, right? Now, think about telling these issues to millions and millions of people? Beyond scary.

3. Diversity
BTS ARMY is mainly a very diverse group in terms of concepts. They can pull off any idea that comes to their method. I like that a lot about them because, I actually, am the sort to essentially not have a favourite genre. I do hearken to K-Pop the most, however, I get pleasure from different music simply as a lot. I also love how unpredictable they are often.

4. They’re so actual
Their music actually moved me. As a substitute of simply sitting there listening, I might really feel the emotion from the music. The lyrics have been properly written with a lot of feeling and meaning. Their voices have been all in another way portraying the feelings. They felt actual like their music wasn’t written by someone else. Their emotion was raw.

5. Their individuality
In contrast to most groups, where I’m unable to recollect more than just a few members. BTS ARMY all have their very own personalities which makes them simple to establish. I acknowledged every member of their individual persona.

6. Their individual skills and how they mix them
Everyone knows that BTS ARMYall have their very own strengths and weaknesses. Comparable to Rap Monster and Jin, who’re generally known as the more severe dancers (They ain’t that bad) However I like how BTS ARMY works round it. Maybe instead of dancing, they’ll pose as a group, or do one thing easier. They work around every others speciality. And even give them time to shine after they have their solo songs.

7. Debut BTS ARMY
How they have been then and the way they’re now could be so pleasing. They have been handsome as all heck at debut and proceed to be now.

8. Agust D
I like everything in August D. The hair. The dissed. The mixtape. The mv. The truth that He flips off his haters IN the MV. I mean, he actually said that the K-Pop category is not large enough for him/ cannot deal with him.

9. Jin’s Acrostic Poems
The truth that He is ready to flip RED not only right into a poem however right into a joke makes me think about humanity.

10. BTS ARMY Getting Scared
If you happen to do not agree, you have not seen their VLive Halloween edition (2017). And it is advisable to do it now as a result of it is a necessity to life.

11. Jungkook that is not food!
This child needs to stop eating followers and other people it may possibly be good for his teeth. (Possibly that is why he brushes with 2 toothbrushes on the similar time every occasionally?)

12. The Love for their Followers
I’ve but to come back across a group that loves their fandom so so MUCH! Whenever they get an opportunity, BTS ARMY take that likelihood to thank Armys everything. They at all times point out the fandom first and specific their gratitude in many various methods. Whether or not it’s via a tune, a complete album!, a video on Vlive, messages via reverse or twitter, at award shows, interviews, and so on.

13. Their Purpose
BTS ARMY has one function. And that’s so that you can love your self. In case you are not loving your self then Namjoon will crawl from beneath your mattress and demand evidence as to why you aren’t loving your self!

14. Fixed updates
BTS ARMY is at all times working and releasing new issues for us. There has never been a moment the place we don’t know what’s taking place. They at all times launch teasers and ensure have been aren’t confused. They replace a lot on Twitter and V-Reside. They at all times tell us every time issues are taking place.

15. Properly produced videos
Their music videos aren’t like every other music videos I’ve seen. They at all times give us top-quality videos. They’re so inventive and artistic. They go above and beyond so that the music videos look wonderful! They incorporate their skills into the songs and a bit of little bit of appearing. One thing actually satisfying to see.

16. Clumsiness
We have Rap mon who breaks so many issues, Jimin who retains tripping everywhere in the damn globe, Jungkook and jin, who will get hit within the crossfire of occasions, and Tae who appears to harm himself quite a bit.

17. Music Video Aesthetics
I am sorry I had to use Serendipity. It has been some time now since it’s been out and I still cannot even with this music video, I remember the first music video I noticed, I was so blown away by how aesthetically clear it’s.

18. Unforgettable
Irrespective of if you find yourself linking them or not, they’re unforgettable.

19. Sweaterpaws
Have you ever observed the number of occasions BTS ARMY has hidden their palms in these lovely sweater paws??

20. I like their personalities
Now I do know that is one thing a lot of followers say however their personalities are typically actually addictive in a manner. You may see how enjoyable and memes they’re and it simply places a big smile in your face. I like how they aren’t actually afraid to behave crazy typically and the bizarre issues they are saying typically as properly.

21. Their colours
Thus far BTS ARMY has been the one group I’ve come throughout the place every member is completely different and their own person. I don’t doubt there are different groups who in all probability have the identical factor, however, for some motive BTS simply stands out. This groups of seven males, three rappers and four vocalists who have got a lot of individuality.

22. I Stan My Personal Group Line
Taehyung and Jin are such fanboys of BTS ARMY. And Jin at all times advertises for BTS wherever they go.

23. Wings Solos
I like every single one of many solos (and love that Hobo received the intro observe as effectively). These boys are among the fee groups who dare make solo tracks for their complete group (in a single album, at least).

24. They write a few of their music
As a substitute for their music being pumped out of an organization like different Idols, they take the time and energy to write down and compose a few of their music. When studying among the lyrics, it’s so deep that I might’ve never imagined that they write their own music. This reveals how devoted they’re to their jobs.

25. They touch subjects nobody ever touches
Particularly in AGUST D, we see BTS singing about issues no different idols sing about. Comparable to social issues, political issues and economic issues. They’ve even sung about finding your individual dream and chasing after it. They’ve sung about defying your parents, for good or bad causes. I imagine they’ve sung about Substance Abuse. They go into deep waters that nobody else dares to.

26. As a result of they’re BTS
Easy. Simply three letters. 7 members and their love and bond for not only their fans but also themselves. A bond that can never be damaged.

27. Years of Content material
Except you have been a fan from the very starting, it appears almost inconceivable to remain caught up with each tweet, BTS Bomb video, award present, and so on. To not point out the entire Fanfiction, BTS cracks, and other fan-made media materials!! Look wherever and you will find an ARMY supporting BTS.

28. They’re Actually Fluff Balls
These cuties can pout and give us these harmless pet eyes in record time!

29. Dance Skills
I do not understand why the boys say Namoon and Jin are bad dancers. Like sure they’re lacking compared to different members, however, they’re nonetheless capable of doing difficult quick-paced chores. Bad dancers cannot try this. Anyhow, all of those boys are so gifted in so many ways lol.

30. Choreo
Like talked about above, their Choreo is so good, lovely, attractive AND on the level.

31. They worked their manner
Everybody is aware of the massive three firms, JYP, YG, SM. And BigHit certainly isn’t on that list. BTS ARMY comes from a smaller less known company. That signifies that they didn’t get lots of promotion and never lots of people knew about them. They worked for everything they received. They began on the backside, unknown, and slowly worked their way up right here, never giving up.

32. Their dedication
At first, when BTS debut, not lots of people appreciated them. BTS ARMY received a lot of hate. However, that didn’t stop them from pursuing their desires. They continued with the industry taking in each insult, not even flinching. They virtually laboured themselves to demise, and all of us still hated them. However, as time handed we started to appreciate that BTS was really fairly good. And now, BTS is well-known.

33. Their voices
The range of their voices. The quantity of enhancement they’ve made over the years brings me to tears. Particularly Jin and Jimins. They began off with NO vocal coaching, and now they’re two of my favourite vocalists!

34. Poppin Beats
Not going to lie, pied piper is my favourite right now- heart_eyes: I actually cannot deal with it. Anyhow, there are such a lot of songs which are Nope, I can not even sustain with them. Like even the slower ones are still Poppin.

35. The Memes
Jungshook, jamless Jimin, dance monster, the list simply goes on. BTW a few of you Armies are so gifted within the meme division, like severely!

36. The Theories
I’ve never launched a concept blog on here because I can never get it put collectively earlier than it turns into irrelevant however I’ve made so many! Symbolism is a giant factor with BTS, there is no doubt. And with mind monster, there’s certain to be some deep meanings and hidden stories to each comeback for us to uncover.

37. The Fandom
This by far as been essentially the most supportive, kind, and interactive fanbase I’ve had the beautiful likelihood to be part of. You are all EXTRA AF which inserts in completely with our boys.

38. The Rudeness
This may simply be me however their gazes are borderline offensive. I connect on a religious degree with the ARMY who at all times used to inform Suga she was going to sue him. Their complete existence is simply so stimulatingly irritating, it is arduous to even put into phrases. However let’s be sincere, them being Impolite comes with the territory of fangirling.

39. The Lyrics And Meanings Behind Them
Everyone knows what a beautiful producer MinSuga is. Everyone knows how fantastic Rap mon is at writing music. All 7 of them attempt to contribute to the music they make. Their lyrics are at all times one way or the other related to a powerful message, a lot in the past has been about rising above issues and discovering your manner in the world. 

40. Bilingual
I do not know why however I believe it is extraordinarily enticing that every one of them is bilingual. V knows Japanese, Rap Monster is English, Jin with Chinese, plus, that cute Korean accent when they converse English makes me die. Within the phrases of our beloved j hope, “my heart is oh my god”

41. They’re Also Sexy
So following up with the exact opposite, they are often extraordinarily adult content and the best half is they will change in 0.02 seconds from cute to sexy, no warnings. Whether it is their body language, their tone, or these eyes, there isn’t a doubt that these boys should include a warning label.

42. Good-looking
Sure I did list 2 phrases that mainly mean the identical factor, however, hear me out. Being good-looking is an all-encompassing factor that does not go away. Being good-looking reveals if you’re a meme. It shows if you’re a blubbering mess. Being good-looking is art inside itself. And damn these boys are artwork.

43. Aesthetic People
You all are conscious of my love for aesthetics. Particularly Mint Suga ones heart_eyes: They’re all simply so properly put collectively the entire time it kills my heart.

44. Aegyo
I’ll be honest, these boys have been my first expertise with Aegyo. And till not too long ago, I need a fan. What modified that was seeing it put into context. Lots of people do not understand this, however, K Idols REALLY overdo the Aegyo. I like it now, I even love J Hopes Aegyeo, however, I discover it is best in small surprising doses. (Like how Suga shook us in DNA by appearing cute whereas rapping out of Absolutely nowhere.

45. Outsized Clothes
Y’all knew this was coming. As a continuation from the sweater paws, I’ve grown to like. there’s OVERSIZED All the pieces.

46. Fan Service
These boys feed us so properly with their lip-licking and winking. And pelvic thrust Choreo.

47. Their Innocence
Sure, declare your innocence all you need. Y’all know what hooking up means wink.

48. Infantile Antics
They are a completely happy reminder that no matter how previous you are- Coughs, JIN, TAEHYUNG, JUNGKOOK- there’s at all times room for enjoyable, antics, and idiotic jokes.

49. Great Role models
The most effective components about loving BTS is that nobody can justify in opposition to the truth that they’re great role models. They work arduous, are variety and beneficial, they usually all get alongside (not like some teams who typically go years holding grudges in opposition to different members of the group)

50. Hyung Line
Individuals who suppose the Hyung line is underappreciated, this one for you! I get bias wrecker by all the Hyung line so arduous it makes my head spin, holy Jesus.

51. Their Work With Unicef For Non Violence
Hopefully, all of you may have heard about BTS collaboration with UNICEF?

52. Rap Line
I can relate to such a private degree to how V idolizes these Cypher tracks.

53. Destruction Monster
I swear this poor guy with the entire fame they have been getting recently he is been having to retell all of his tales of destruction.

54. Repair It Suga
with the entire stuff Joonie breaks, we’d like somebody within the group to repair all of it. And that will be our Min Suga Genious JJANG JJANG MON BONG BONG (No I’ll by no means let this joke die).

55. Worldwide Playboy
Not only has Jungkook declared himself as having a scale of a worldwide playboy; however recently Yoongi has declared himself a nasty boy.

56. Maknae Line
These three boys kill the younger ladies hearts and provide us with a barely greater hope that we might gasp date them.

57. Vocal Line
One factor I actually admire about the newest albums is that they give each vocal line and rap line their very own tune

58. Christmas covers
These boys, throughout a time, speculated to be spent with household nonetheless have sufficient room of their hearts and minds to do a Christmas cowl or write their very own Christmas tune EVERY YEAR

59. They love each other
To ensure that a band to achieve the success they need to have a fantastic relationship which one another. And BTS has a beautiful relationship with one another. They’re like brothers, nothing can separate them. They’ve grown with one another since their debut, sticking collectively like glue. They’re even so close that they casually hug.

60. It doesn’t get to their head
They don’t relish in fame. They don’t flaunt their cash. They don’t make enjoyable of people in a decrease in social standing than them. They continue to be humble, remembering how they received right here, with our help. They at all times say ‘Thank You’ and are well mannered to everybody. They don’t depend on their trophies or begin arguments with different Idols.

61. They put up with people like us
To be sincere, we’re all right here typing about BTS. Think about people typing and posting about you continuously. It will be fairly annoying. Or folks clawing at you shirt attempting to get a picture. You wouldn’t prefer it, however, BTS doesn’t let it hassle them.

62. Dance Line
The best way Jimin and Hoseok transfer they’re our bodies perplexes me and JUNGKOOKS bboying abilities are not any jokes.

63. Friendship With Different Groups
I am such a supporter of BTS supporting different groups Jackson and Namjoons friendship is so flipping iconic too.

64. The Endless Nicknames
After I joined the fandom it took me like a week to recollect everybody’s names, then suddenly my friend mentioned: “I want they’d shoe Joon dancing more.” And I was like “what? Joon? I do not remember there being an eighth member?

65. Humble
Each award they receive, they thank AMRY. They always remember about us and are at all times so good to their MC’S (award sneakers and on selection television).

66. Lady Group Dance Line
I don’t understand how JK and Hoseok discover time to sleep with the quantity of lady group Choreo they know, on top of their own. It’ll endlessly be a thriller for me.

67. The Push The Limitations In The Style K-Pop
They debuted as a hip hop group, however, have had, basically, a special style of music for each album. They’re at all times experimenting and altering. And I am not complaining!

68. Purposefully Acted Cute
BTS has been the first boy group I had ever seen that purposefully acted “cute” and it hit me arduous. And in my personal opinion, they’re among the finest K-Pop boy groups in terms of Aegyeo. No one of their group is horrible at it.

69. Inside Jokes, They Do not Share With Military
It is irritating but in addition tremendous cute that they’ve inside jokes like that

70. Totally different Personalities
All of them have comparable traits (humble, variety, and so on. However, their personalities differ SO MUCH from each other.

71. Their Siblings
Jk’s older brothers BTS fanart could be very expensive to my heart like… what different brother would try this? The Jung siblings’ matching clothes are so cute! I might go on however this might get so lengthy.

72. Their Steady Rise To Fame
Their worldwide takeover took them over four years. I admire that rather more than, say Justin Bieber who took over the USA in a matter month (do not kill me Okay? It was the one instance I might consider…)

Tae Gucci boy makes me gentle. I believe that the Gucci retailer was created for this man. It represents his persona so properly and I imply the truth that He buys Gucci sweatpants to lounge round in after they might barely afford groceries, in the beginning, will get me every kind of sentimental.

74. Handle to go to Faculty
You may chortle about Jungkooks English rating all you need. I have a lot of delight in the truth that all of them managed to do these excursions and still attend their faculties/ be taught languages. Also, the truth that on top of that Namjoon finds time to learn at least 1 book a month I can not fathom.

75. They Do not Shield Their Picture
What I imply by that is the rationale we have now so many memes on this fandom. It is because BTS may be themselves (to an extent) on and off digicam, and it reveals.

76. Namjoon Selected Bangtan Over Solo
If this is not a legit motive to LOVE this group than I font knows what’s, Joon had an opportunity to go solo (it was a prank) and he did not even hesitate when he mentioned he wished to stick with Bangtan.

77. They always say Thank You
They always take time away from their day, simply to say ‘Thank You’ to ARMY They always thank us for being with them and for giving them help. They don’t let fame get to their head they usually don’t overlook us. It’s fairly refreshing to see.

More 23 Reasons Why I proud of BTS ARMY

  1. Their dedication in the direction of us is simple. Like they always put us first and give credit to us. We do not deserve their love however they’re simply so lovable.
  2. The music they make is completely different in the direction of the others as they write about our life, the issues we encounter in this world and never nearly love. They ship good music in a proper way.
  3. Their personality is the very best. They present us that they’re just a few regular boys who wanna have enjoyable and create great music.
  4. They’re very HUMBLE. Wherever they’re they keep down to Earth and always remember’s to thank everybody always.
  5. They act infantile and they actually know how to have enjoyable though they at all times have a busy schedule.
  6. They’re very close to K-Armys and I-Armys. They at all times do their greatest to work together with us.
  7. They don’t attempt to impress anyone simply to be on top. They do not make music simply to be popular they make it hook up with people.
  8. They appreciate the entire issues we do. You may see that on how they react to our fan initiatives. Also, they also check out us if we’re all doing okay which is basically candy of them.
  9. Chooses Bangtan than going, Solo. I do know this can be a Rapmon factor however honestly if you ask the opposite members I think they will all have the identical answer.
  10. Friendliness. From the friendliest of them all V to our introverted maknae JK. They’ve mates inside and outdoors the industry. People simply love their company.
  11. Their bickering moments are an endless pleasure.
  12. OTPs. Simply ship anybody with anybody. All of them look nice collectively anyways.
  13. Their love for one another. They know one another for a really very long time now so they know when somebody is having a tough time they usually always speak after they have misunderstandings.
  14. BigHit’s employees’ love for the boys is basically unconditional. You realize that they have an excellent relationship with the company.
  15. They help one another when a member is having a solo schedule. They do not feel envy or jealousy as an alternative they at all times look so proud.
  16. Truthfully, a lot of them have the expertise for appearing not simply V and SJ.
  17. They’re very hardworking lads. They made it to the highest slowly due to their hard work. They never cease jus to offer us good music and I really really appreciate that.
  18. Visuals. Dude, there are not any visible holes! Everyone seems to be freakin’ handsome I can not even.
  19. Trend sense. Taehyung ain’t Gucci boy for nothing. We ain’t having KimDaily for Nothing. All of them costume well.
  20. Though they always have work the members still discover time to be taught and go to high school and I believe that is actually superior.
  21. Family Oriented. The family made them stronger now. I’ve no words for this.
  22. They’re very actual. Off cam and on cam they’re simply youngsters who’re really good looking, good performers and are fools LOL.
  23. The Sope ship is one other personal favourite of mine. Maybe it is simply because they appear to have more moments collectively however nonetheless it is a reason I really like BTS ARMY.