14 killed after cable car falls in Italy

14 dead after accident near Lake Maggiore
Police were among emergency service rescuers working at the scene. Source: HANDOUT VIA REUTERS
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Daily US Times: Fourteen people, including one child, have been killed and another child is seriously injured on Sunday after a cable car fell on a mountain near Lake Maggiore in northern Italy.

The accident happened on a service transporting passengers from the resort town of Stresa up the nearby Mottarone mountain in the region of Piedmont.

Photographs from the scene show the wreckage lying in a steep wooded area.

Israel’s foreign ministry says, five Israeli nationals were among the dead.

Most of the victims died at the spot, with the death toll steadily rising on Sunday afternoon as the wreckage was searched.

Officials said two survivors, children aged about 5 and 9, were airlifted to a hospital in Turin but the older child later died.

The younger child – who is also a citizen of Israel – underwent surgery and is in a critical condition.

Marcella Severino, Mayor of Stresa said: “We are devastated.”

The accident reportedly happened at about 12:30 local time (10:30 GMT) on Sunday.

The cause of the incident is not clear yet, but local reports suggest the cable may have failed about 300m from the top of the mountain.

The cable car fell about 20m to the ground and rolled over down the slope before being stopped by trees, Mayor said.

Nearby hikers heard a loud hiss before the accident.

Rescuers struggled to reach the crash site. a fire service vehicle overturned while responding but no-one was injured.

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