2020 election: Biden holds the top, Bloomberg enters top 5

Biden holds the top, Bloomberg enters top 5
Bloomberg (L) warms the poll but stayed away back from Biden (R). Source: Politico
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Daily US Times, Washington: Former Vice President of 2020 presidential front runner holds his top position in the latest two pools came out on Tuesday. Lately entered former New York City Mayor Micheal Bloomberg makes his position among top five.

Quinnipiac Poll, what is published on Tuesday afternoon shows Biden holds 29% with Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is the second closest candidate holding 17% followed by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren 15%.

Bloomberg gained 5% support from Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters in Quinnipiac Poll. Monmouth University poll shows the same result for Bloomberg. Monmouth poll showed the former vice president at 26%, Sanders at 21%, Warren at 17%. This poll was published earlier on Tuesday.

Warren was at 23% in November’s Monmouth poll. In September she was at 28% in the same pool. The latest poll is not good news for Warren where she dropped to just 15%. Biden stands Warren’s opposite though. He has been dominating the Democratic pools since he kicks off his campaign.

Bloomberg is warming up the pools. Since he entered the race on November 24, the billionaire spent millions of dollars on advertisements, what is more than his Democratic opponents’ combined. According to Monmouth University polls, Bloomberg was in 4% in January and 2% in March. He was not officially in the race at that time.

Bloomberg scores 26% favorable ratings among all registered voters and 54% unfavorable in the Monmouth poll. Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters, Bloomberg is at 40% favorable and 39% unfavorable.

Bloomberg’s unavailability is much higher than his opponents. Such as Warren has 15%, Biden has 20%, and Sanders has 21% unfavorable ratings.