3 hurt in Florida mall shooting as shoppers scatter

3 hurt in Florida mall shooting as shoppers scatter
Shoppers walk towards a garage after leaving the Aventura Mall where a shooting left three people injured and several suspects in custody. Source: AP
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Daily US Times: A shooting at a South Florida shopping mall sent panicked shoppers fleeing and left three persons injured Saturday afternoon, according to police and witnesses. The shooting was sparked by a fight between two groups of people.

Live aerial television footage showed shoppers scattering outside the Aventura Mall after the initial reports of gunfire. Police vehicles could be seen converging the mall and blocking roads.

Two groups of people had begun fighting before it escalated to gunfire, according to Aventura Police.

One individual in one of the groups fighting produced a gun, and an individual in the opposite group also drew a gun and fired that weapon, Aventura police spokesman Michael Bentolila said in briefing reporters on live television. Shoppers scattered as they heard gunfight.

Three injured individuals were taken to hospitals but their injuries were not life-threatening, police said.

Later, Aventura Police said in a tweet that authorities had “several suspects” in custody who were being questioned by detectives. Police had no immediate report on what touched off the incident and didn’t immediately release the identities of those injured or in custody.

Employees and mall patrons were led out of the shopping complex after the shooting, and officials announced the mall would not reopen until Sunday.

A worker at the mall named said the complex was bustling with a strong Mother’s Day weekend crowd when the chaos erupted. He said it was not the first shooting at the mall that he’s experienced.

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