5 Most Interesting Cities in The World

One of 5 Most Interesting Cities. Chefchaouen, Morocco. Photo source: Middle East Monitor
One of 5 Most Interesting Cities. Chefchaouen, Morocco. Photo source: Middle East Monitor
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Nuseir Yassin, Daily US Times: This content will take you on a tour around the world to show you the 5 most interesting cities!

Some cities will make you think, others will make you want to travel, and others will change your mind!

This is one of my favorites around the world topic and each second of this content had a ton of effort and thought put into it.

I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making!! Come join me at Nas Daily Global- I’m trying to build a community there!

In the world, there are thousands and thousands of cities. But out of the ones that I saw. I want to show you the top five most interesting cities, that will leave you amazed.

5 Most Interesting Cities in The World

Sit down and enjoy the show, as I take you on a tour around the world. In life, there are two things that are always guaranteed, death and taxes! But I have just arrived in a city where there are no taxes!

1. The City Without Taxes (Eilat, Israel)

In the southern tip of Israel, where everything is 17% cheaper than any other city to attract tourists. In this city at the bottom of the desert, you can see four countries from the same spot. Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Here, every one year only five days are cloudy.

The rest are like this! But that’s only above water! Underwater is just as amazing. Cheap stuff, beautiful scenery amazing weather and good friends are all you need for a good time.

2. The Blue City (Chefchaouen, Morocco)

I’m in a city where everything around me is blue and the town is cold Chefchaouen! Which means the horns of the mountain! This mountain, it’s painted blue because the Jews that settled here like leafy houses blue just like the sky.

But this city doesn’t just have a lot of blue, it has a lot of green. Because that’s where they grow WEED. These mountains are all filled with weed! The city of Chefchaouen come for the blue and stay for the green.

3. The Slum City (Dharavi, Mumbai, India)

When you think of a Slum like the one behind me. You think of poverty danger and unemployment. That’s what many people think when they see the third-largest slum in the world. Dharavi in Mumbai, India from above it’s where 1 million people live in tiny houses.

But from below, this is much more than a slum. It’s a place that generates 650 million dollars every year. It’s where I saw a huge recycling business, pottery business, leather, and garment business! This product was made in Dharavi.

Not Milan, not New York or Paris! Here I struggled to find someone who was not working. Even inside houses, women were working and those that were not I found them clean. Because even with dirty roads and no toilets, houses are clean inside.

Dharavi is an economic powerhouse. Filled with huge businesses engineers artists and hard workers. It just so happens to be called a slum.

4. The Billion Dollar City (Rawabi, Palestine)

This is where we are on top of a city in the middle of Palestine. Because this is the city of Rawabi. One of the only cities in the world built entirely by business, not the government! This cost $1,400,000,000 and made possible by this guy.

Who is crazy enough to build a city, with an underground theme park, above ground Mountain View, tech incubators, offices, good restaurants, shopping centers, and a state an art English school with fingerprint scanners for attendance for kids!

A place for a mosque, a church, a winery and a real Roman theatre, the largest in the Middle East. This is all built by Palestinians for Palestinians and women are involved. Many people wonder what the future state of Palestine would look like and to those I say you’re looking at it.

5. The Equator City (Quito, Ecuador)

Hello from the Middle of the world! Ecuador. In Ecuador, where the Northern and the Southern hemispheres are separated by this line! At the Middle of The World twice a year, your shadow disappears entirely.

Because the Sun is right above you. The water drains straight down, not right or left. Your watch is not needed, because of solar time! Here you can’t balance yourself on a straight line. But you can balance an egg or a nail!

At the Equator, you are very close to the Sun! Because the mountains are high and the earth bulges towards the center! An entire country, Ecuador is named after this place, where you will find these people. The world is a fun place, but in the middle of it, it’s even more fun!

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Susan Showers: Wow this video is amazing!! I loved learning about these most interesting cities! All are awesome in their own way! What I loved was the hidden stories underneath. I loved how one city has 4 countries meeting and that beautiful coral reef! Another is blue, which is my favorite color! Then the one in India wow! Because of the word slum, people think it’s full of poverty, but what riches lie underneath, everyone works, houses are clean, Palestine with an underground amusement park, all those places of worship, the Roman theater and the one near the equator where you can’t walk on a straight line but can balance an egg on a nail! I can’t compliment enough how much I enjoyed this video! So much positivity!

Jackielou Alli: In a world where there are many disasters and many are destroying the earth, thank you, Nas, for showing us that there’s still a lot of reason to love the place and people in this world. It makes me want to work harder so that I can travel the whole world like you. I love your videos. Love lots from the Philippines

Ana Solis: 2 of five, better than nothing. I can’t explain but your videos make my cry. There is a sense of humanity in them and it touches me deeply. Among so much hate and suffering around the world, these videos give me hope. Thank you!

Christina Leonor Kalyuzhnaya: I love how you show the truth about what surrounds us. Not only what people assume by their narrow-minded precepts. The world isn’t what individuals think instead the world is much more!

Felicia-Anne Jocelyn Verschuur: So many cool places out there in the world! I love learning new things about new places and seeing your guy’s adventures and experiences there! it brightens my morning every day!

Hanane Boumnidel: Just a simple rectification, my hometown Chefchaouen has always been white, the blue painting started just a few years ago because basically the color blue chases mosquitoes away and we get it from a powder called “Nila” that is sold literally everywhere in Chaouen. So yeah this is it

Majito Fuentes: OMG thanks Nas Daily I live in Ecuador! Not in Quito but it sure is a beautiful city. You should visit GUAYAQUIL someday it’s pretty amazing too. My country sure is awesome.

Taylor Lundy: Nuseir Yassin I’m literally on a train on my way to Chefchaouen right now!! But first, I’ll be stopping off at Fees for the night! “Come for the blue and stay for the weed” made me die laughing, definitely wasn’t expecting that. And somehow I had never seen that video before even though I have seen like 99% of Nas Daily videos Perfect timing! Also, love how our Middle of the World video made it.

Andrés Díaz: Naas! I can’t even explain how happy am I! I feel so proud of my city, Quito and I was really wondering to see my city in this video as you’ve already made a video about Ecuador, and now you mentioned it just another time! I’m so happy to know that more people can see how magical is Quito and if it couldn’t be better, now I’m planning to travel to those most interesting cities you said (and Malta too). Thank Nas I’m really thankful.

Jill Black: I loved Ecuador, too! I was blessed enough to experience Quito, the Amazon, Guayaquil, the mountains, AND the coast in the month I was there, and holy crap was it awesome! My group and I also went to both the Place the Conquistadors said was the center (Mitad del Mundo with the big monument), and the one nearby with the egg balancing and hemisphere display with the water. I still have the ticket in my passport

Rania Megahed: 1st city Eliat is the Egyptian city Om El Reshrash.. أم الرشراش. Very sad to see your own land was stolen and others enjoy it.

Ahmed ElSheemy: Eilat was Egyptian before the 1967 war and it was called Om El Rishrash, but as usual, it was claimed by Israel as all other lands it took over from Palestine and Jordan by force

Marthese Tanti: You’re doing one of the amazing work in the world Nas. I got to know you when you were in Malta, and can’t stop following you. May your positive attitude be spread all over the world.

Hari Shankar: I would encourage you to visit India and this time the south part. That’s the place where you can see a lot of sculptures, monuments, beautiful palace, amazing secrets and much more. It depicts the historical richness of the country with all advancements

Kathy Keenoy: Nas, How could you put Eilat on your favorite cities and talk about lack of taxes. I know you grew up in Israel and I suppose you try to be fair. But fair doesn’t mean overlooking oppression. You know that Israel taxes Palestinians and uses the money for Israelis. Nothing in Israel can be defended until the oppression stops.

Alin Zaha: I almost hoped that one of the cities from the Maldives would be there. U seemed quite smitten by them. But thinking about that, your craze about places makes us believe that about most interesting cities. These ones you compiled seem interesting and beautiful at the same time.

Catherine Zander: Isn’t the blue related to Jewish mysticism (Kaballah). The blue confuses evil spirits because of the blue symbolized heaven (or some variation of that). Also were the Jewish settlers in Morocco also ejected from Spain (as were the ones who ended up in Safed)?

Jovie Love Ratunil Tiga: Amazing that you see all positive things in life, in the country, and in every human being. Hopefully, everyone can be the same as you. We do have different personalities and no one is perfect but when we try to see things positively things change, love all your videos and how you do it with love and passion to show something amazing.

The World’s Most Interesting Cities

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