6 people died in New Jersey shootout

6 people died in New Jersey shootout
The gunmen also died in the shootout. Source: AFP
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Daily US Times, New Jersey: Six people, including, a police officer, have died in a shootout in Jersey City, New Jersey. Tow other police officers also have injured by the incident. Police confirmed the slain officer’s name was Joseph Seals, aged 39.

Authorities said it is not a terrorist attack. The gunman opened fire in a shop reportedly said after a drug deal gone wrong. The shootout puts many local schools and business on lockdown.

Jersey City Police Chief Michael Kelly told reporters that the slain police officer was shot by two suspects at the Bay View Cemetery. Then they flew to a Jewish supermarket and Martin Luther King Dr. in Jersey City. When police reached the second location, the gunman opens fire with high-powered rifles.

The officer died after he was taken to the hospital. Other injured officers are released from the hospital.

Scores of law enforcement officials, swat team and other federal agents are deployed in the scene. The suspected gunmen were killed by the police.

Police said the gunmen were heavily armed and fired hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy addressed in the media a few moments ago. The described the day as ‘an incredibly tough day for Jersey City’. He also expressed expressed “an immense debt of gratitude” to the police officer killed by the gunmen.