7 high-paying remote jobs you could start right now

Remote jobs you could start right now. Photo source: Remote.co
Remote jobs you could start right now. Photo source: Remote.co
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Anastasia, Daily US Times: I’m talking about working from home or remote jobs! A lot of people are thinking about an escape from the corporate world. Many actually didn’t plan on working from home but the current situation in the world has forced them. And I am 100% sure that working from the comfort of your home will become an increasingly common practice in the years to come.

When I was looking for work-at-home opportunities years ago, it was so confusing to read all those articles with lots of links to weird survey sites, and lists of 100 odd jobs that wouldn’t probably cover even my basic daily expenses.

I wanted to find a bit of real advice, a legit job. So if you feel as lost these days, as I felt about 11 years ago when this journey of working from home just started for me, I have a shortlist of 7 high-paying remote jobs you could start right now (or obtain the required skills really quickly).

That can pay you over $100/day

These are all remote jobs that can pay you over $100/day, and some a lot more! These days, a lot of people are literally forced to work from home but something tells me they will quickly figure out all the benefits of remote working. Do you think thousands of workers will want to get back to their office desks when this crisis is over?

When you work from home or remote jobs, you don’t waste your time to commuting. You can eat healthy food and save a good part of your budget because you don’t have to eat out.

You can also spend more time with your family. And if you are lazy like I am, you don’t even have to change your clothes and can work in your pajamas. My favorite place to work is my sofa.

It might be not the healthiest position to work hours and hours a day. But somehow, I’m 100% more productive on my sofa than at my desk.
So, go figure what’s wrong with me!

And yes, working from home requires self-discipline and determination because no one will be there to supervise you. But is it really a bad thing? If you are like me, you absolutely hate when someone tells you what to do, when to do and how to do your job.

So if you have a stable internet connection and you think that you can be more productive working from home, I have for you the highest-paying work at home or remote jobs for this year!

1. Pinterest marketing strategist or a Pinterest account manager

At this remote job, you will handle Pinterest accounts for clients, and the objective is to make these accounts grow. This is definitely perfect if you have a deep knowledge of Pinterest marketing!

This remote job is really in demand because bloggers and businesses are looking at Pinterest now as an additional and in some cases, even the main traffic source.

Many bloggers who have reached a certain level of income, really prefer to focus on things they know about, and they happily outsource Pinterest marketing to people who specialize in this platform.

Believe it or not, but the demand seems to be higher than the offer for this particular job. If you look through some threads in large blogging communities, there are tons of requests when people are looking for a good Pinterest marketing specialist to manage their accounts.

Businesses do this even more often than bloggers– they usually hire one specialist for each social media platform and there are still quite a few really good Pinterest strategists on the market. It’s in demand but there is not too much competition.

The prices for Pinterest account management depend on the package you offer. But I’ve seen prices range from about $250/mo all the way up to $2000 per month for one managed Pinterest account.

I personally went from offering my services for $350/mo to the numbers you can see now on my Word with Me Page. I used to charge that per month when I just started offering my services as a Pinterest account manager, and now I charge more just for an account audit and 1 hour on a coaching call.

So you see, the sky is the limit and you could potentially make a few thousand dollars if you manage just 2-3 clients on Pinterest. And if you offer account audits and 1:1 consultations, you could earn over $300-$400 per day just from one client.

Just need to market yourself the right way, and of course, deliver great results for your clients to get great reviews.

2. Remote jobs: Translator

This remote job is definitely for you if you are bilingual. Or if you are fluent in several languages. Online translators are now in demand as well especially on online streaming sites like Netflix and even Youtube.

What I mean is that even Youtube content creators will often need your services as a translator, to help them create local versions of their content. Usually, people who can translate from their own language to English are the most in-demand because more than half of the population in the world can understand English.

And if you think that it’s a medium level job, then think again because translators are actually paid quite high for their service. If we go to a site like Upwork which is a great place for you to explore most of the online jobs or remote jobs and price ranges, you will see that freelancers in this field are often charging over $40/hour.

some are even charging $70 for an hour of work. So you can tell that when I said you can definitely make over $100/day with this job, I didn’t exaggerate even slightly exaggerate the numbers.

3. Remote jobs: Blogging

I said it before and I will say it again: Blogging is not dead! And it won’t be dead in the upcoming years either. As long as we are in a digital age, blogging and bloggers won’t disappear.

With that said, NOW is the perfect time for you to start a blog if you haven’t yet. Blogging gives you the opportunity to make income by working from home and creating content within your area of expertise or simply talking about things you love!

Starting a blog doesn’t require a big investment, you can have a beginner-level self-hosted site for $2.95/month. You need to be prepared that blogging is not going to pay your bills in the first few months but you could potentially leave your day job by the end of the first year blogging as I did for example.

Simply because my blog which I managed in my free time only at that’s time, started making more with ads and affiliate links, more than I earned for a 9-hour working day, plus I was spending about 2 hours a day in commute and had to eat out almost every day.

It didn’t compensate at all to keep my day job, so I quit pretty early, as soon as my first payment from Mediavine ad network came in. The beauty of blogging income is that it’s almost limitless, you can literally build a huge business, an empire if you choose to.

You can keep adding new members to your team and produce more content and scale on one platform. You can add more platforms to your
blogging business, and more income streams, like I am doing while keeping a really small team.

Or you can choose to keep it as a small family business make just enough to support your family. It’s really up to you if you want to scale your blogging business or if you prefer to spend more time with your family.

So if you make about $100/day when you are a beginner. I’m in this business for about 3 years now and you can watch my recent income report
when I shared exactly how I made over 25k dollars in one month.

Just last note about blogging

This is not JUST a work at the home job opportunity, like any other job I already mentioned and will still mention in this video. You won’t have a client and a deadline.

You have to be a self-motivated and driven person to succeed in this business. But if you have it in you, you’ll love it as much as I do! I don’t have to make any reports for any boss at the end of the month. I can decide to work 14 hours in one day and then spend the next day doing whatever I want or need with my family.

4. Youtuber

I’d like to include Youtube creator as a great work from home opportunities. Because I personally see a huge potential of this platform for my own business, and it’s very interesting how Youtube keeps growing and taking over user attention and the time we spend online, compared to any other platforms.

Yes, about 4-5 years ago, Youtube maybe was less competitive but it also never paid as much as it does now, only with Google Adsense on youtube. My channel is at about 16k subscribers, so it’s not a huge user base. But I am already getting paid over $1000/month just with Google Adsense on my videos.

Not to mention a huge shift in Sponsored opportunities towards this platform. It looks like companies are ready to pay for a sponsored mention or a dedicated video more than they ever were ready to pay for a sponsored post on a blog, or on Instagram.

Based on SocialBlueBook site which you can use to see approximately where you are at in terms of potential income from sponsorships. I can do just 2 sponsored videos a month worth about $1000 each, and together with the Adsense money, that will make $3000/month.

Youtube has so many opportunities for income streams– it’s ads, sponsorships, and in my case, it’s also selling my own services and courses.

You can use this platform to sell anything that is within your area of expertise, and your hourly rate for whatever you do will skyrocket because people who saw your Youtube videos.

Actually will trust any of your competitors– just because they saw your face, they heard your voice, they identified with your personality. You will definitely get some of your best clients from Youtube. People who will really have a better connection with you even before your first email exchange happens.

5. Remote jobs: Video Editor

I just told you how Youtube is growing fast and in general, the video format is so much in demand these days- from businesses and YouTubers. This trend will only continue to grow, and someone needs to edit all of these hours and hours of video!

You can learn the basics of video editing within a couple of months, you don’t need to take a high-school degree to become a video editor. But you can be paid very well, on average if you check UpWork, the price is $30-35 an hour and the best professional charge up to $70 an hour for editing videos.

So make the math and you will see that you can easily make way over $100/day and I am pretty sure you’ll have a lot of clients because like I said, most of the content creators simply have no time and often patience or skills to edit their own videos.

6. Remote jobs: Virtual Assistant

Are you an effective multitasker? Do you usually finish tasks on time? If that is the case, then you should really consider being a virtual assistant.
Being a virtual assistant is an in-demand and high paying job because these days a lot of small business is managed from home.

So people who would hire you, themselves are already working from home and they prefer a virtual or a remote assistant. Your skillset can range from managing social media accounts, community building, replying to emails, to writing and editing blog posts and content.

Virtual assistants usually get paid by the hour and are usually needed by bloggers and small business owners. If you check on UpWork again you’ll see that on average VAs are getting paid about $20/hour.

7. Remote jobs: Online Tutor

One of the most common and in-demand online tutors now are English tutors. If you have fluent in native skills in English (both writing and speaking), then you are more than qualified to become an online English tutor for students.

You can teach online children or adults from other countries. What’s good about it is that in most cases, you don’t need professional teaching experience. Usually, online tutoring companies pay about 20-25 dollars an hour, so you can easily make a $100/day having a short 4 or 5 hour working day.

But being an online tutor is not only limited to English skils. There are online tutor companies out there who are seeking tutors to teach Math, Science, and a variety of subjects.


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