A five-second video brings India and Pakistan together

A five-second video brings India and Pakistan together
Dananeer Mobin has become famous in both India and Pakistan.
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Daily US Times: A five-second video has done the impossible – brought social media users in Pakistan and India together.

When Pakistani video creator Dananeer Mobin uploaded the five-second video on her Instagram page on 6 February, little did she know that she would become an overnight internet sensation in both nations.

People may ask, what’s so special about the video? But before we tell you, you must watch the original video:

There is nothing special about it. She says: “This is our car, this is us, and this is our party”. The video shows a bunch of friends of Dananeer Mobin enjoying themselves.

And this is where the answer lies. When the news recently has been mostly about death and despair, the happy faces in the video cheered people up in the two countries – who are usually at odds on most occasions because of the decades of sometimes deadly animosity between the two nations.

Dananeer Mobin said to BBC: “What could be better than sharing love across the border at a time when there is so much trouble and so much division around the world.”

Reffering to Indian, she said: “I’m glad my neighbours and I are partying together now because of my video.”

Dananeer Mobin, a 19-year-old whose Instagram bio says “call me Geena”, is a social media influencer from Pakistan’s northern city of Peshawar.

Her posts usually centre around make-up and fashion

In the viral video, Mobin says the line in her native Urdu “Yeh humari car hai, Yeh hum hain, aur yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai” (you already know the translation!), swinging the camera around as she speaks to the viewer.

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