A third of Covid-19 survivors suffer ‘brain disease,’ study shows

A third of Covid-19 survivors suffer 'brain disease,' study shows
Source: CNN
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Daily US Times: Researchers reported Tuesday that as many as one in three people infected with Covid-19 have longer-term ‘brain disease’ like neurological symptoms or mental health.

They found 34% of coronavirus survivors received a diagnosis for a sychological or neurological condition within six months of their infection. The study published Tuesday in the journal Lancet Psychiatry.

The most common diagnosis was anxiety, as the researchers found in 17% of those treated for Covid-19, followed by mood disorders, found in 14% of patients.

And while the brain disease is more severe in hospitalized patients, it is still common in those who were only treated in an outpatient setting, the researchers note.

Maxime Taquet, a co-author of the new study and an academic clinical fellow in psychiatry at the University of Oxford, said: “That rate increased progressively as the severity of the Covid-19 illness increased. If we look at patients, who were hospitalized that rate increased to 39%.”

The researchers said their research results help light the way for how the healthcare system ought to continue helping Covid-19 survivors.

It is the largest study of its kind so far and involved the electronic health records of more than 236,000 Covid-19 patients, mostly in the United States. The researchers compared their records with the patients who experienced other respiratory tract infections during the same time frame.

They observed that those with coronavirus had a 44% increased risk for psychiatric and neurological illness compared to people recovering from flu.

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