Adam Toledo: Chicago police release video of officer shooting boy

Chicago police release video of officer shooting boy
Chicago police release video of officer shooting boy
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Daily US Times: Chicago police have released a graphic video of an officer shooting dead a 13-year-old Adam Toledo in a dark alley.

The released bodycam video shows the policeman shouting “Drop it” before shooting the boy once in the chest on 29 March.

The Latino boy does not appear to be holding a weapon in the split second he was shot, but the video shows a handgun near the spot where he fell.

On Thursday evening, small protests were held around Chicago city, hours after the mayor of the city appealed for calm.

The video’s release follows the fatal police shooting on 11 April of Daunte Wright by a police in a Minneapolis suburb.

That shooting by a white police officer has sparked violent protests as the city awaits the outcome of the trial of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin, who is accused in the death of George Floyd.

The Adam Toledo footage shows the police officer jumping out of his squad car and chasing him on foot down a dark alley as another suspect disappears from view.

In the video, the policeman shouts: “Police! Stop! Stop right [expletive] now! Hands! Hands! Show me your [expletive] hands!”

The teenager turns and raises his hands. The officer shouts “Drop it” and fires his weapon – 19 seconds after exiting his squad car.

Separate CCTV footage appears to show Toledo throwing something through a gap in the fence as the officer runs up to him.

The video shows officers shining a light on a handgun behind the wooden fence after the shooting.

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