Afghanistan must not be ‘terror breeding ground’- UK PM

Afghanistan must not be 'terror breeding ground'- UK PM
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Daily US Times: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said Afghanistan must not be the breeding ground of terror as the Taliban enters capital Kabul.

Speaking after the emergency Cobra committee meeting, he said the situation “continues to be extremely difficult” and will get even more so.

Mr Johnson called on “like-minded” countries to work together and not recognise any new government in Afghanistan without agreement.

The Parliament of the UK is being recalled on Wednesday to discuss further about the situation.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country, reportedly for neighboring Tajikistan, as the militants stand on the brink of taking total control.

Mr Jhonson described the situation o Afghanistan is “extremely difficult” and is “getting more difficult”.

The Biritish PM said; “Our priority is to make sure we deliver on our obligations to UK nationals, to all those who have helped the British effort in Afghanistan over 20 years, and to get them out as fast as we can.”

British ambassador in Kabul is staying there was “working around the clock” to do this and has been at the airport processing applications, Mr Johnson said.

He said he wanted to make sure other like-minded countries, especially in the West, didn’t “prematurely” recognise the Taliban.

Meanwhile, the Taliban is now in the full control of Afghanistan after the Afghan government collapsed and the President and Vice-President fled the country.

Taliban announced that they took control of the abandoned presidential palace.

Mr Johnson said the United Kingdom would work with the United Nations Security Council and other Nato countries to stop Afghanistan “lapsing back into terror” and called for an “international effort” from the West.

Mr Johnson said his country would work with the UN Security Council and other Nato members to stop Afghanistan “lapsing back into terror”.

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