Air Canada’s 737 Max flight in unscheduled landing after engine issue

Air Canada's 737 Max flight in unscheduled landing after engine issue
The global fleet of Boeing 737s underwent an overhaul following two fatal crashes in 2019. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: Air Canada has said one of their Boeing 737 Max aircraft has been forced to make an unscheduled landing after developing engine trouble.

The plane was en route from the US state of Arizona to Canada’s Montreal when it was diverted shortly after take-off, the airline said in a statement. The incident happened on Friday.

The plane, with no passengers on board, landed safely and was carrying three crew members at the time.

Boeing’s 737 Max aircraft were grounded in 2019 after two fatal crashes, but resumed flying this month after an overhaul.

The crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia came within five months of each other and together cost 346 lives.

The accidents were attributed to flaws in automated flight software called MCAS, which prompted the planes to nosedive.

Air Canada said in a statement that the pilots “received an engine notification and, according to the standard operating procedure for such a situation, they decided to shut down an engine” before rerouting to Tuscon, Arizona.

The crew were alerted to “left engine hydraulic low pressure” followed by “an indication of a fuel imbalance” from the left-hand wing, at which point they diverted, according to Belgian aviation news site

The aircraft was being flown from a storage site and it remains on the ground in Tuscon.

In the wake of the two crashes, Boeing implemented a series of modifications including revising crew procedures, updating flight control software and rerouting internal wiring.

The 737 Max resumed passenger flights, in Brazil, less than three weeks ago.

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