Nas Daily discovers Peter: he is Albania’s Tattoo King

The Albania's Tattoo King Peter. Photo: Nas Daily
The Albania's Tattoo King Peter. Photo: Nas Daily
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Daily US Times: Tattoo King. In the Philippines, there is a 101-year-old lady who does tattoo. But in Albania, there is this guy.

In a communist bunker who also does tattoos. Both are so interesting that it makes me wanna get a tattoo.

The guy you see next to me is very interesting. Here is why? Meet Peter.

Peter doesn’t talk much or care much. He just does tattoos. But unlike many his tattoo shop is a bunker.

This bunker was one of many built to protect Albania at times of war. And after the government fell Peter decided to turn his bunker into a tattoo shop.

In his bunker, he has no prices. Once you get a tattoo if he likes you. It’s free and if he doesn’t. It’s expensive. He has no open hours schedule either.

If you don’t find me here, don’t look for me. Because I’ll be gone for good, Peter said.

Tattoos are a huge commitment in the last forever. So if you’re gonna get one then you might as well do it.

Here, in the middle of nowhere in northern Albania in a communist bunker by a guy with a lot of talent and few words.

This unique memory will last forever just like your tattoo. That’s one minute, see you tomorrow.

A same special comment about Tattoo King

Rakesh BullMan Sharma: Be careful. The guy speaks less. Lives in the middle of nowhere in a communist bunker.

And guess what if he doesn’t like you and you don’t pay what he says! You go straight to Heaven or Hell depending where he buries you. This can be an interesting thriller… lol

Lauren Sells: I think this is fascinating! I would love to get tattooed by Peter! That would be an amazing experience to remember for a lifetime! Nas always finds the best humans!

Monica Kovac: Thank you Nas, for taking us on your journey across the world and opening our eyes to not only show the differences.

But ultimately how alike we all really are. The point of this video, to see a guy who does Tattoos in a bunker in the middle of nowhere.

Many questions can be asked about the back story. The reason for the bunkers in the first place and how did this man get into Tattoos? Why doesn’t he talk?

By the way, I used to be anti Tattoo until I turned 50, now I have 4.

Lastly Andales Dieparine: Hey Nas! You are correct. Her name is Apo Whang Od.

If in case you visit again the Phils before you 1000 days expires, I hope you can visit her and have a Tattoo by her.

The road to her community is tough and rough but it is really exciting (Nas, I’ve never been there and think I will never get a chance) that’s less than a minute.

Syd Gideon Cajimat Galindo: Hey Nas, come here in the Philippines. Visit Apo Whang Od. One of the oldest tattoo artists in the world.

Nas Daily (Nuseir Yassin): Lots of people seem to be against tattoos. I expected it, and I’m so happy I made this video!

The point of these videos is not to reinforce your belief system or show you things you agree with.

It’s to literally reflect the state of the world. If you disagree with it, maybe Nas daily isn’t for you.

If you have no problem seeing things you disagree with, then Nas daily is definitely for you! I hope this clears things up! If you get a tattoo from him, send me pictures!

Albania’s Tattoo King

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