Alexei Navalny urged to end hunger strike immediately

Alexei Navalny urged to end hunger strike immediately
Alexei Navalny at a rally in Moscow (File). Source: REUTERS
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Daily US Times: Alexei Navalny’s doctors have urged him to end his hunger strike immediately, warning that otherwise he could die.

In a statement, the five doctors of the jailed Russian opposition leader say they have been shown the results of his medical tests conducted on 20 April.

The doctors, who have been denied access to Navalny, say: “If the hunger strike continues even for a minimal amount of time, unfortunately, we will simply have no-one to treat soon.”

Thousands of Navalny’s supporters rallied on Wednesday demanding Navalny be freed.

More than 1,000 people were arrested in a number of cities across the country including the capital Moscow, according to Russia’s monitoring group OVD-Info.

The 44-year-old Navalny was jailed in February and is demanding medical attention for leg numbness and acute back pain. The Russian opposition leader has been on hunger strike for more than 20 days.

Navalny’s doctors’ statement (in Russian) was published on the Mediazona website on Thursday.

The doctors say their conclusions are based on the results of Tuesday’s medical tests – described as more or less independent.

The tests were carried out at a hospital in the city of Vladimir, just east of the capital Moscow.

The doctors – who had treated Navalny before he was jailed – warn that problems with his nervous system and kidneys suggest he would die if the hunger strike goes on even for a little longer.

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