Anger in America as violence erupts on sixth day of protests

National Guard Called In As Protests And Unrest Erupt Across Los Angeles Causing Widespread Damage
Police watch as tear gas is deployed during demonstrations in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Violence has erupted in cities across the US on the sixth night of protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, an African-American, in police custody.

Dozens of cities imposed curfews, but protesters ignored them, leading to stand-offs, violence and clashes with police.

Riot police faced off with protesters in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and LA, firing tear gas and pepper bullets to try to disperse crowds.

In several cities, police vehicles were set on fire and shops were looted.

The United States is currently experiencing the most widespread racial turbulence and civil unrest since the backlash to the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968.

The outpouring of anger began last Tuesday when a video went viral online showing Mr Floyd being arrested in Minneapolis and a white police officer continuing to kneel on his neck even after he pleaded he could not breathe and fell unconscious.

On Sunday, the National Guard – the US reserve military force for domestic emergencies – said that 5,000 of its personnel had been activated in 15 states and Washington, DC, where crowds once again gathered near the White House.

Protests lead to violence in some cities. Source: Getty Images

Protestors lit fire to buildings there, including a historic church known as the church of the presidents, and threw stones at riot officers. In response, police used tear gas.

In Louisville, Kentucky, a man was shot dead in a confrontation between protesters, the National Guard and the police after midnight early on Monday. Louisville Metro Police said, shots were fired at guard troops and police officers as they moved to disperse a crowd in a car park and “returned fire”, leaving one man dead.

Protests have spread more than 75 cities so far with streets only days ago deserted because of coronavirus full of demonstrators marching shoulder to shoulder. Some US officials have already warned of protest-connected virus outbreaks.

The latest killing of unarmed black American has reignited deep-seated anger over police killings of black Americans and racism.

Protesters rally at the White House on Sunday. Source: Reuters

For many people, the outrage also reflects years of frustration over discrimination and socio-economic inequality, not least in Minneapolis itself, where George Floyd died.

Despite deployment of the National Guard and strict curfews, many demonstrations that had been peaceful during the day again descended into violence overnight.

Police vehicles were set alight and vandalized in several cities, while riot officers continued to respond with tear gas and flash grenades.

According to the Associated Press news agency, at least 4,400 people have been arrested in several days of protests for offences including looting, breaking curfew and blocking motorways.

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