Asian-American veteran shows battle scars to prove his “patriotism”

Asian-American veteran shows battle scars
Lee Wong removed his shirt during a town hall meeting in Ohio to show the scars from his US Army service.
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Daily US Times: An Asian-American former soldier who opened his shirt and showed his scars to prove his “patriotism” in a town hall meeting has gone viral on social media.

The 69-year-old Lee Wong has been applauded for making a powerful statement about discrimination.

But some people said Asian-American community should not feel compelled to prove their loyalty to their country.

Anti-Asian racism is rising in the United States. Six Asian women were killed last week in Atlanta alongside two other victims.

Thousands of Asian-Americans have reported hate crimes and violent attacks in recent months, often linked to rhetoric that blames Asian people for the spread of coronavirus.

Mr Wong was speaking in a meeting about the racism he has faced as an Asian person.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Wong, an elected official in West Chester, Ohio, began to unbutton his shirt saying: “I’m going to show you what questions about patriotism look like.”

He stood up and lifted his shirt, showing large scars on his chest to the attendees in the hall.

He asked: “Here is my proof. This is sustained in my service in the US military. Is this patriot enough?”

He then explained that people have questioned his loyalty to the United States and suggested he did not “look American enough”.

Mr Wong told Fox News that her moved to the US to study in the late 1960s adding that he had been physically attacked as well as verbally abused.

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