Attack could strike Kabul airport within hours, minister warns

Attack could strike Kabul airport within hours, minister warns
Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: A British minister has warned that there could be a “highly lethal” terror attack at Kabul airport within hours.

James Heappey, the British Armed Forces minister, said there were “very credible” reports of a “severe” threat in the Afghan capital.

Last night, the UK’s Foreign Office issued new guidance telling anyone near the Kabul airport to “move away to a safe location and await further advice”.

It comes amid a race to evacuate thousands of people from Afghanistan before foreign troops depart.

The United States has set a deadline of 31 August for the withdrawal of its soldiers, with President Biden rejecting calls from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other allies for an extension of that deadline.

Mr Heappey didn’t give a date for the last British evacuation flights, but said it was likely that UK and other foreign soldiers would have to leave before the last American airlifts.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that the “overwhelming majority” of eligible people had been evacuated from the country.

Mr Johnson added that about 15,000 had been flown out by the UK so far.

Kabul airport is currently being run and defended by 5,800 US troops – with the help of more than 1,000 UK troops.

In the update issued on Wednesday evening, the FCDO also warned people that travelling by road was “extremely dangerous” with people alleged to have been “mistreated” on their way to the airport.

The US advised American citizens in Afghanistan not to gather or travel at the airport “because of security threats outside the gates”. Australia has also issued an alert, telling its people those outside the Kabul airport to leave immediately.

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