Attack on US base in Afghanistan complicates troops withdrawal decision

Attack on US base in Afghanistan complicates troops withdrawal decision
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Daily US Times: The Taliban had twice targeted one of the most heavily guarded US bases in Afghanistan late last month and that US military personnel working for the CIA were at the installation when it came under fire, CNN has reported. This was one of the most significant attacks against the US troops in the country, but have not been widely reported.

According to a US official familiar with the details, said rockets landed near Forward Operating Base Chapman, a classified US military base in eastern part of Afghanistan, and wounded seven civilians outside the base.

A water tower was hit during a second attack, and a few rounds landed on the base, though no US personnel were injured or killed.

The attacks on the US base were followed by another in Kandahar this week, where Taliban rockets landed near a NATO air base used by the United States and coalition soldiers providing support to Afghan forces.

CNN reported, citing the source, that the flurry of violence is fueling concerns inside the Biden administration that the Taliban could step up efforts to target American troops ahead of a May 1 deadline for the United States to withdraw troops under an agreement struck under then-President Donald Trump.

US president Joe Biden himself has admitted publicly that it is unlikely the US will meet the deadline, and sources said that the recent attacks underscore a growing belief among American officials that they must prepare to increasingly defend any US military personnel left behind, including several hundred special operations troops who at times work covertly for the CIA.

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