Aukus is Australia’s big gamble on the US over China

Aukus is Australia's big gamble on the US over China
Australian leader Scott Morrison described Aukus as a "forever partnership" with the US and the UK. Source: EPA
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Daily US Times: By signing the security partnership last week, known as Aukus, Australia revealed where it stands in the world: It is taking the side of the US over China.

Signing the Aukus deal is a definitive move for a country in the Asia-Pacific region, experts say.

The security deal with the UK and the US gives Australia a huge defence upgrade from the world’s most powerful military.

But the partnership is a very big deal for Australia and its security, but there is debate over whether such a decision will play out in Australia’s national interests.

As China’s military and economic influence is growing, it has begun to challenge US dominance in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chinese Navy is now the world’s largest and the country has become increasingly assertive over contested areas such as the South China Sea.

Australia had long maintained it did not have to choose between the US and China, but in recent years its attitude towards Beijing has hardened.

China has been suspected of cyber attacks on key Australian institutions and of interfering in Australian politics.

Last year, tensions were further inflamed when Australia called for an investigation into the origins of the Covid-19. A range of Chinese sanctions against Australian exports followed.

Australia realised it needed to improve its defences – and it has to be done quickly.

On that front, Aukus is a big coup for Australia. The pact will give the country access to nuclear-powered submarines and long-range missiles from US technology. The submarines will allow Australia to increase its capability in a region where China’s influence is growing enormously.

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