Australia fires: worst yet to come

Australia fires worst yet to come
It is considered as the worst fire in Australia's history. Source: BBC
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Daily US Times, New South Wales: Australians are bracing for a dangerous and unpredictable night as bushfire crisis expected to worsen.

Authorities have warned of ”volatile” conditions tat could intensify the fires.

One of the most affected Australian states, New South Wales’s Premier Gladys Berejiklian said it was “very volatile situation” and “we are yet to hit the worst of it”.

“We are discouraging people from moving from where they are, given the serious threats and the fact that we have so many fires at an emergency level”, she said while speaking with ABC.

Guardian reports, some fire workers have been pulled out to the Snowy Mountains in the Victoria state due to worsening conditions.

Saturday’s situation was so extreme that temperatures surpassed 40C (104F) in some areas.

Prime minister Scott Morrison has announced 3,000 reserved troops will be deployed to tackle the situation.

The fire crisis killed 23 people since September last year. Fire destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of land and burnt down more than 1,500 homes. Dozens of people are still missing.

It is considered the worst fire in Australia’s history.

Saturday’s situation

The sky glowed red as wildfires closed in on the town of Mallacoota in Victoria. Source: brendanh_au/REUTERS

Fire forecast warned previously that Saturday’s condition could be worse. It happened as the forecast says. Skies reddened and darkened in areas of south-eastern Australia as wind gusts intensified the fires.

In Penrith, temperatures reached 48.9C, which is according to some reports was the hottest place on earth at that time.

Almost a million more acres of land were burned in Victoria, another worst affected state by the fire.

Power stations and cables are severely damaged and in some parts, completely vanished. There are two power substations were damaged in NSW, threatening supplies to the state including Australia’s largest city, Sydney, AFP reports.

Fire damage forced thousands of people live without power in the Batemans Bay and Moruya region in NSW.

Authorities have been warning the residents to leave certain places immediately throughout Saturday. Some were told it was too late to evacuate and they were instructed to find a shelter.