Australian town has ‘Not much left’ ravaged by bushfire

Australian town has 'Not much left' ravaged by bushfire
The small community of Balmoral is 120km from Sydney. Source: AFP
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Daily US Times, New South Wales: Australia bushfire gives no signal of coming in control. The ‘catastrophic’ fire conditions have almost completely razed one Australian community.

A town of Balmoral, south-west of Sydney, is almost burnt by the blaze where about 400 people live, leader of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian says.

Bushfire crisis broke out in several states in Australia from September. The blaze had already killed nine people, destroyed nearly thousand home and scorched millions of hectares of land.

Fire gets momentum amid dry and hot conditions. Thousands of firefighters are struggling hard to control the fire, but they haven’t seen much success yet.

Steve Harrison, a 67-year-old resident of Balmoral shared his dramatic story of surviving the destructive blaze.

He ran to his vehicle when his garden, driveway and road was on fire. He thought he couldn’t evacuate.

‘So the day before I had actually built myself a small kiln down the back. A coffin-sized kiln, just big enough for me to crawl inside. I hid in there for half an hour while the firestorm went over’.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison apologized for going on holiday amid fire crisis. He acknowledged the fire makes Australian angry, but assured fellow citizens that the fire departments are doing their best.

Residents of Balmoral are currently not allowed to return their homes. No fatalities reported in the town but several firefighters were injured when fighting with fire.

A number of small towns have sustained significant damage this week, but Balmoral was hit for the second times is days in Saturday.

Travel alert was issued in New South Wales. Condition of South Australia states is also terrifying.