Bernie Sanders wins Nevada Democratic caucuses

Image: U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders addresses his first campaign rally after the Nevada Caucus in El Paso
The victory gave Sanders a momentum for next votes, Source: REUTERS
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Daily US Times, Nevada: Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada Democratic caucuses. After coming off a strong showing in the Iowa caucuses and a narrow victory in the New Hampshire primary, his victory in Saturday’s contest strengthening his status as the front-runner. The 78-year-old candidate got a wave of support from young voters, liberal voters, and Latinos.

With 4.2 percent of precincts in the state reporting, Sanders had 44.7 percent of the vote, while former VP Joe Biden had 19.5 percent, former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg had 15.6 percent and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., had 11.8 percent. Mike Bloomberg was not in the ballot here. It is still too early to name the second, third and fourth place.

The result allowed Sanders to take the lead in the overall pledged delegate count, jumping ahead of Buttigieg. More delegates will be awarded as results continue to come in.

Fellow candidate Elizabeth Warren congratulates Sanders.

“The race has been called, Bernie has won, congratulations Bernie.”

She keeps her attacks on billionaire candidate Michael Bloomberg saying the billionaire “a threat coming our way” skipping the first four nomination states to “buy this election” by plowing his resources into Super Tuesday states and beyond.

The result shows Sanders can compete strongly among a more diverse electorate: participants in Saturday’s contest are much more racially diverse than voters in any presidential contest so far this year.

The consecutive third victory gives the Vermont Senator momentum heading into next Saturday’s primary in South Carolina, where polls show him running a close second to Biden. Sanders been devoting more time in California, which offers the largest delegate prize on Super Tuesday, March 3. Before caucus doors closed in Nevada Saturday, he was in Texas, the second-biggest Super Tuesday state.

After the victory became clear, Sanders took the stage at a raucous rally in San Antonio and said “I’m delighted to bring you some pretty good news,” Sanders said, unleashing chants of “Bernie” from the crowd. “We won the popular vote in Iowa, we won the New Hampshire primary, and according to three networks and the AP we have now won the Nevada caucus.”

He poked fun at President Trump who tweeted suggesting that the Democratic National Committee was already aiming to prevent him from obtaining the nomination.

“The president gets very, very upset easily so don’t tell him we are going to beat him here in Texas,” Sanders said.

After the poll wrap in Nevada tonight, the focus shifted to South Carolina where it is expected a win for Joe Biden. The former VP also expressed hope but while talking to CNN, he wouldn’t call it a must-win.

Pete Buttigieg congratulated Sanders but warned about his nomination as well. After Sanders claimed the victory, Buttigieg said “I congratulate Sen. Sanders on a strong showing today. But before we rush to nominate Sen. Sanders … Let us take a sober look at what is at stake.”

Bernie Sanders also did well with African American voters. Entrance poll results showed Sanders with 27 percent of the black vote, trailing only Joe Biden, who got 36 percent. African American voters made up about 1 in 10 participants at the Nevada caucuses.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sanders has been reportedly briefed that Russia is attempting to help his presidential campaign. Just a day ago, U.S. intelligence officials briefed Capitol Hill that the Kremlin may also be attempting to help President Donald Trump in 2020 as they did in 2016.

But he disavowed any assistance from Russia. He warned President Vladimir Putin ‘to stay out of American politics’, and as president, he will make sure that.

Watch Sanders’ reaction to projected win in Nevada

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