Biden administration aiming for bigger vaccine goal

Biden administration aiming for bigger vaccine goal
FILE - In this Feb. 19, 2021, file photo President Joe Biden speaks after a tour of a Pfizer manufacturing site in Portage, Mich. Source: AP Photo
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Daily US Times: It sounded so ambitious vaccine goal at first: 100 million vaccination shots in 100 days. But now, one month into his presidency, Joe Biden is on a glide path to attain that target and pitching well beyond it to the far more daunting and ambitious mission of vaccinating all eligible adults against Covid-19 by the end of the summer.

Limited supply of the two approved coronavirus vaccines has hampered the pace of vaccinations — and that was before extreme winter weather delayed the delivery of about 6m doses this past week. But the US is on the verge of a supply breakthrough as manufacturing ramps up and with the expectation of a third Covid-19 vaccine becoming available in the coming weeks.

That means the vaccine goal will soon be the dominant constraint, and it’s prompting the Joe Biden administration to push to dramatically expand the universe of those who will deliver injections and where Americans will meet them to get their shots.

As he toured Pfizer’s manufacturing plant in Portage, Michigan, of Friday, Biden said: “It’s one thing to have the vaccine, and it’s very different to get it in someone’s arms.”

In the coming weeks, the company is set to double its pace of vaccine deliveries.

Since their approval in December, more than 75 million doses of the two-shot-regimen Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been distributed, of which 63 million have been injected, reaching 13% of Americans.

Nearly 45 million of those doses have been administered since Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

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