Biden and Trump in last weekend dash round swing states

Biden and Trump in last weekend dash round swing states
Mr Obama said Mr Biden would take care of Americans. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: US President Donald Trump is in Pennsylvania, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden is in Michigan, swing states that could be key to winning the White House as the last weekend of campaigning hots up.

Joe Biden, joined by former President Barack Obama, said the US was “done with the chaos” of the Trump administration, while President Trump said there would be a “great red wave” of Republican victories.

The Democratic candidate has a solid lead in the opinion polls, but his advantage is thinner in swing states that could decide the election.

More than 85 million people have voted early so far in the US elections, 55 million of them by post, setting the country on course for its biggest voter turnout in over a century.

Biden and Obama campaigned at a drive-in event in Flint, Michigan, before heading to Detroit where both of them were joined by singer Stevie Wonder. Mr Trump narrowly won Michigan in 2016.

Mr Trump said Pennsylvania would “save the American dream”. Source: Reuters

In his first appearance on the campaign trail, Mr Obama compared Mr Biden’s character favourably with Mr Trump’s.

Obama said: “It used to be that being a man meant taking care of other people… not looking for credit but trying to live right.”

“When you elect Joe, that’s what you’ll see reflected from the White House,” he said.

Trump appeared on stage in Newtown, serenaded by chants of “Four more years!” and told the state where centuries ago, the US independence movement began that “three days from now this is the state that will save the American dream.”

After a rally of several hundred people, which is relatively small for the president – he flew to Reading, where thousands greeted him on the tarmac.

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