Biden called off strike against second target in Syria to avoid killing civilians

President Biden Speaks To Department of Defense Personnel At Pentagon
Biden called off strike against second target in Syria to avoid killing civilians. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: A senior administration official told NBC News that President Joe Biden called off an airstrike against a second target in Syria last week after children and women were spotted in the area.

Only one target was bombed in last week’s operation, Because of the presence of civilians. The single target which was bombed came in retaliation for recent rocket attacks on US personnel that the Pentagon blamed on Iranian-backed Shiite militia in Iraq.

President Biden made the called off call to cancel the separate airstrike after military reconnaissance revealed two children and a woman in the courtyard of the intended target, the senior administration official said.

The official also siad the Biden administration sent a private message to Iran following the strike.

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Joe Biden’s decision, which came at the last moment before aircraft were due to drop bombs on the second target.

The target that was bombed last week by US warplanes was a logistics way station in eastern Syria that, according to Pentagon was used by Iranian-backed militia.

US officials blamed a deadly February 15 rocket attack on a US-led coalition base in Irbil in northern Iraq on the paramilitary groups.

Since the US bombing raid last week, an Iraqi air base northwest of Baghdad that hosts US troops came under rocket attack on Wednesday morning.

The United States military believes Iranian-backed militia likely are to blame for Wednesday’s rocket attack, three Defense officials told NBC News.

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