Biden campaign published new ad that claims ‘he’s the safest choice’

Biden campaign published new ad that claims 'he’s the safest choice'
Biden stays ahead from other rivals. Source: AP
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Daily US Times, Iowa: Democratic presidential frontrunner and former VP Joe Biden published a new campaign ad. The ad claims he’s the safest choice when it comes to defeating President Donald Trump in November.

ABC News first obtained the ad, focuses on a potential general election match-up between Trump and the former vice president, and makes the starkest argument to date about Biden’s electability.

Biden’s campaign 30-second ad not only claims that he’s the safest choice but also warned that as long as Donald Trump is president, he poses a threat to America and the world.

”We have to beat him. Joe Biden is the strongest candidate to do it,” the ad states.

The ad narration concludes: “This is no time to take a risk. We need our strongest candidate. So let’s nominate the Democrat Trump fears the most. Vote Biden. Beat Trump.”

The ad starts airing in a time when Iowa Caucuses just 10 days away.

Joe Biden is ahead of other Democratic candidates in the national poll and other key states poll.

President Trump’s impeachment trial is currently underway in Washington DC. Biden’s son Hunter Biden is one of the key factors in the impeachment proceedings. But the White House hoper has largely avoided discussing the issue of impeachment while campaigning. Democrats made their case that President Trump allegedly withheld aid from Ukraine in order to get President Volodymyr Zelensky to announce an investigation into Biden and his son to help Trump politically.

His several 2020 rivals are forced to go back to Senate for the impeachment trial, but the former VP has spent 11 days in Iowa since the beginning of the year and will return to the Hawkeye state Saturday.

In the last remaining nine days of Iowa Caucus, Biden will spend the final nine days before the caucuses begin holding events in “every corner of the state” as he tries to close the deal with those Iowans still unsure about who they plan to support, according to the campaign.

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