Biden denies discussing serving one time only

Biden denies discussing serving one time only.
Joe Biden is a front-runner of Democratic Presidential candidates. Source: AP
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Daily US Times, Washington: Joe Biden denied discussing ever with his campaign whether he would serve one time only if the elected in 2020.

Politico published the news quoting four people ‘who regularly talk with Biden’, saying it was ‘virtually inconceivable that he will run for re-election’ in 2024.

Biden denied the Politico story saying ‘I don’t have plans on one term.
America has never had a president of that age.

Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield also denied the claims of the Politico story.

‘Lots of chatter out there on this so just want to be crystal clear: this is not a conversation our campaign is having and not something VP Biden is thinking about’, she tweeted.

Only two presidents of the US history made and kept one-term pledges.

They were James K Polk (1845-49) and Rutherford B Hayes (1877-81). William Henry Harrison was died a month after taking office in April 1841.

Mr Biden has been the frontrunner since he started his campaign. Former Secretary of State John Kerry endorsed him last week.

Former President Barack Obama didn’t endorse any candidate yet. He signalled he would not endorse any candidate publicly.