Biden hopes to convince allies he’s not another Trump

Biden hopes to convince allies he's not another Trump
President Joe Biden. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: When President Joe Biden will stand to give his speech at the UN’s iconic green marble rostrum on Tuesday, he will face an audience, including allies, skeptical he really is as different from his predecessor Donald Trump as he likes to claim.

For leaders around the world who were alternately addled and amused by former President Donald Trump, Biden represented hope for a different era in American foreign policies. In June, President Biden spent his first foreign trip declaring across Europe that “America is back.”

Mr Biden continued that message in his first appearance in New York when he met with Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General. This will be his firm UNGA address as President.

He added: “The strong partnership between the United States and the UN is based on common values and principles, and at this moment, those bonds are more important than ever. America’s back and we believe in the United Nations and its values.”

This week, the US president finds himself under intense scrutiny from leaders of American allies who have been disappointed his election hasn’t done away entirely with the “America First” policies Trump espoused during the former President’s annual speeches to the UN.

Allies complained bitterly about being left out of key decisions. Foreign officials have begun unfavorably comparing Biden to Trump — an insult to Biden who ran as the capable and experienced alternative to Trump’s global tumult.

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