Biden introduces Merrick Garland as attorney general pick

Biden introduces Merrick Garland as attorney general pick
Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland speaks during an event with President-elect Joe Biden. Source: AP Photo
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Daily US Times: President-elect Joe Biden introduced his pick for the country’s top law enforcement official on Thursday. Mr Biden introduced experienced judge Merrick Garland as his pick for Attorney General in an attempt to help de-politicize the US Justice Department and restore the rule of law after what Mr Biden described as four years of lawlessness under President Trump.

The incoming president Biden also described the pro-Trump mob that stormed the US Capitol building on Wednesday as “domestic terrorists” and assailed the Republican president for inciting the siege.

Joe Biden, a Democrat, said: “The past four years we’ve had a president who’s made his contempt for our democracy, our Constitution, the rule of law, clear in everything he has done,” vowing a dramatic shift in his administration.

“More than anything, we need to restore the honor, the integrity, the independence of the Department of Justice that’s been so badly damaged,” Biden, who will take oath in January 20, said.

Biden vowed that the loyalty of Merrick Garland would rest not with the president, but with the law and Constitution.

“You don’t work for me,” the president-elect charged as he introduced Garland.

Facing the public for the first time at Biden’s side, Mr Garland promised to restore an equal commitment to integrity and law and order and integrity to the country’s top law enforcement agency, pointing to Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol as a consequence of failing to do so.

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