Biden one state away from projected election victory

Biden one state away from projected election victory
Joe Biden has said he expects to win 270 electoral votes. Source: The Associated Press
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Daily US Times: After a dramatic night and day, Democratic candidate Joe Biden now seems to win the US presidential election as he already sealed 264 electoral college votes, where a candidate needs to earn 270. Mr Biden is just one state away to seal the election victory.

In a statement in Wilmington, Delaware, Mr Biden said it is clear he is winning enough states to take 270 delegates necessary in the Electoral College to become president.

He said: “My friends, I am confident that we will emerge victorious.”

Biden noted he has won in Wisconsin, and after his statement, it was projected that he also won Michigan too. In his statement, he said he is confident about prevailing in Pennsylvania. Biden emphasised he and his running mate Kamala Harris have also won the popular vote nationwide.

Biden’s election victory is now more clear than Trump.

Biden said: “Only three campaigns have defeated an incumbent president. This is a major achievement.”

The former vice president stopped short of declaring victory, saying the continuing counts of mail-in ballots must be completed: “Every vote must be counted. Nobody’s going to take our democracy away from us,” Biden said. “We the people will not be silenced” Biden called for a “lowering the temperature” and “putting of harsh rhetoric” of the campaign “behind us”.

Meanwhile, President Trump is not feeling good about the results. He has been claiming for election fraud without providing any evidence. His campaign has filed a lawsuit in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania governor already slams Trump campaign lawsuit.

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