Biden pitching partnership after tough stretch with allies

Biden pitching partnership after tough stretch with allies
US President Joe Biden. Source: AP
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Daily US Times: This week, US President Joe Biden goes before the UN, eager to make the case for the world to act with haste against Covid-19, human rights abuses and climate change. Mr Biden’s pitch for greater global partnership comes at a moment when ally nations are becoming increasingly skeptical about how much Washington’s foreign policy really has changed since Donald Trump left the office.

President Biden plans to limit his time at the UN General Assembly due to Covid-19 concerns. He is scheduled to address the assembly on Tuesday and meet with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Monday.

At a virtual Covid-19 summit Biden is hosting Wednesday, leaders will address oxygen shortages around the globe, will be urged to step up vaccine-sharing commitments and deal with other critical pandemic-related issues.

Mr Biden also has invited the prime ministers of Australia, Japan and India, part of a Pacific alliance, to Washington.

This will happen in a moment when US partnership is in question worldwide.

Through it all, the US president will be the subject of a quiet assessment by allies: Has he kept his campaign promise to be a better partner than Trump?

Biden’s ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, offered a harmonious answer in advance of all the diplomacy: “We believe our priorities are not just American priorities, they are global priorities,” she said Friday.

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