Biden says US to hit 100 million vaccine goal Friday

Biden says US to hit 100 million vaccine goal Friday
President Joe Biden speaks about COVID-19 vaccinations, from the East Room of the White House, Thursday, March 18, 2021, in Washington. Source: AP Photo
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Daily US Times: With the United States closing in on President Joe Biden’s vaccine goal of injecting 100m Covid vaccinations weeks ahead of his target date, the White House announced Thursday the country is now in position to help supply neighbors Mexico and Canada with millions of lifesaving shots.

The US administration revealed the outlines of a plan to “loan” a limited number of coronavirus vaccines to Mexico and Canada as president Biden announced the US is on the cusp of meeting his 100-day vaccine goal “way ahead of schedule.”

President Biden said: “ I’m proud to announce that tomorrow, 58 days into our administration, we will have met our goal.”

The US president promised to unveil a new vaccination target next week, as the country is on pace to have enough of the three currently authorized Covid-19 vaccines to cover the entire adult population just 10 weeks from now.

Ahead of Biden’s remarks, the White House said it was finalizing plans to send a combined 4 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine to Canada and Mexico in its first export of shots. White House Press secretary Jen Psaki said the details of the “loan” were still being worked out, but 2.5m doses would go to Mexico and 1.5m doses would be sent to Canada.

Psaki said: “Our first priority remains vaccinating the US population.”

But she added that “ensuring our neighbors can contain the virus is a mission critical step, is mission critical to ending the pandemic.”

The Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine has not yet been authorized for use in the US but has been by the World Health Organization.

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