Biden taps Haaland as interior secretary in historic pick

Biden taps Haaland as interior secretary in historic pick
Rep. Deb Haaland. Source: AP
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Daily US Times: President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday selected Deb Haaland as his nominee for interior secretary, a historic pick that would make her the first Native American to lead the powerful federal agency. that has wielded influence over the nation’s tribes for generations.

Tribal leaders, Democratic figures and activists around the country cheered Haaland’s selection after urging Biden for weeks to choose her to lead the Department of Interior.

They stood behind the New Mexico Rep.’s candidacy even when concerns that Democrats might risk their majority in the House if Haaland yielded her seat in Congress appeared to threaten her nomination.

With her nomination, Indigenous people in American will for the first time in their lifetimes see a Native American at the table where the highest and most important decisions are made.

The 60-year-old Haaland is a member of the Pueblo of Laguna and, as she likes to say, a 35th-generation resident of New Mexico. The role of interior secretary would put Deb Haaland in charge of an agency that has tremendous sway not only over the nearly 600 federally recognized tribes, but also over much of the country’s vast public lands, waterways, wildlife, national parks and mineral wealth.

After the news was made public, Haaland tweeted that “growing up in my mother’s Pueblo household made me fierce.

She said: “I’ll be fierce for all of us, our planet, and all of our protected land.”

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