Biden transition team criticizes cooperation from Pentagon

Biden transition team criticizes cooperation from Pentagon
Pentagon in Washington. Source: AP
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Daily US Times: Joe Biden’s transition team on Friday expressed frustration with the level of cooperation they are getting from political appointees at the Department of Defense. The President-elect’s transition team said there has been “an abrupt halt in the already limited cooperation there.”

The transition team has been meeting with officials at various agencies to understand about the challenges and programs the new administration will inherit. The process was delayed when the General Services Administration declined to issue an official ascertainment that Joe Biden had won the election. The delay occurred as PresidentTrump, whose appointee ran the GSA, refused to accept the result of the vote.

Executive director of the Biden’s transition team, Yohannes Abraham, told reporters that Biden agency review teams at DOD learned Thursday of meetings “being pulled down” and immediately reported it. He called for meetings and requests for information to resume immediately.

Abraham said: “A failure to work together can have consequences well beyond January.”

On Friday, the Pentagon offered a different assessment about the cooperation with the transition team. It issued a statement saying there was a “mutually-agreed upon holiday pause,” which begins Saturday.

Defense officials said that some meetings between the transition team and DOD had been postponed so that department personnel could concentrate on the issues associated with the possibility of a partial government shutdown Friday evening if Congress was unable to agree on coronavirus relief legislation.

On Friday night, Congress passed a two-day stopgap spending bill, averting a shutdown.

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