Biden: US troops to stay until Americans and eligible Afghans evacuated

US troops to stay until Americans and eligible Afghans evacuated
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Daily US Times: Joe Biden has said that US troops in the Afghan capital Kabul would stay long enough to evacuate all American citizens remaining there and eligible Afghan allies, and warned the if Taliban interfere the evacuating process, there would be a “devastating” military response.

After a shocking day of chaos, the US president made a televised address about the crisis in Afghanistan. Chaos erupted in Kabul airport after Taliban took control the city, as well as the whole country. At least seven people reportedly have been killed during the rush towards the sole remaining exit route out of the country.

As insurgents took control Kabul, declaring victory after nearly two-decades-long war, tens of thousands of Afghans who have been worked with the US, Britain and other allies and promised resettlement in the west remained trapped in the country and in fear for their lives, amid reports of reprisal killings.

President Joe Biden acknowledged that his administration had been caught by surprise by the speed of the Taliban offensive, which he attributed to lack of leadership from the recently ousted Ashraf Ghani’s government and a lack of will to fight in the Afghan armed forces.

Biden said his administration had made contingency plans for such a dire outcome, and he has ordered 5,000 US troops reinforcements to the Afghan capital to secure the airport for an evacuation of thousands of US citizens still in the country, and Afghans who worked with Americans and are eligible for special visas.

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