Blinken says US won’t trade Covid shots for political favors

Blinken says US won't trade Covid shots for political favors
Tony Blinken. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Tony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, said that his country would not “trade shots in arms for political favors” when outlining the State Department’s plans to share supplies of coronavirus vaccines with other countries, though he disclosed a little detail on what that outreach would look like.

During his remarks at the State Department, Mr Blinken said: “This is about saving lives. We’ll treat our partner countries with respect.”

Blinken made the announcement and unveiled a new Covid-19 coordinator, Gayle Smith, as the United States has come under increasing criticism for its failure to share unused Covid-19 vaccines with other countries, even as China and Russia have aggressively pursued vaccine diplomacy with nations around the world.

Blinken said: “As we get more confident in our vaccine supply here at home, we are exploring options to share more with other countries going forward.”

The US Secretary of State did not describe the vaccination levels in the United States that the Biden administration is hoping to hit before sharing more vaccines globally.

He focused the need for global cooperation and for the US to help other countries. Biden administration is focusing to run vaccination without any political favors.

He said “Even if we vaccinate all 332 million people in United States tomorrow, we would still not be fully safe from the virus,” urging importance of vaccinating across the world.

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