Briton suspected of spying for Russia arrested in Germany

Briton suspected of spying for Russia arrested in Germany
The man worked at the British embassy in Berlin, German prosecutors said. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: A UK embassy employee in Germany has been arrested in Berlin on suspicion of spying for Russia.

German federal prosecutors said the man worked at the British embassy in Berlin. The man was named only as David S.

In exchange for an “unknown amount” of money, he allegedly passed documents to Russian intelligence “at least once”.

He was arrested on Tuesday in Potsdam outside Berlin and his home and workplace have been searched.

A spokesman for Germany’s foreign ministry said Berlin was taking the case “very seriously”, and said spying by “a close alliance partner on German soil is unacceptable”.

The statement said that the arrest was the result of a joint UK-German investigation.’

According to BBC, the arrest was intelligence-led and had been going on for some time leading up to the arrest.

MI5 and other agencies in the UK, as well as British police, had been working with the German authorities to learn as much as they could about the alleged activity.

London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed the arrest of a British national aged 57 in Germany, as well as the involvement of the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.

The police said that the German authorities are in charge of the investigation, but British officers will continue to work with their German counterparts.

The alleged spy is due to appear before an investigating judge on Wednesday.

Prosecutors said the man was hired as a local staff member at the embassy.

UK and Germany’s relations with Russia are already strained after several high-profile incidents in recent years.

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