California sees two-day record of coronavirus deaths

California sees two-day record of coronavirus deaths
Source: AP
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Daily US Times: Health authorities in California reported Thursday a record two-day total of 1,042 Covid-19 deaths as many hospitals strain under unprecedented caseloads.

The state Department of Public Health’s website listed 583 new coronavirus deaths, a day after 459 deaths. The previous two-day record total in the state was 1,013 deaths at the end of December.

California’s death toll since the start of the coronavirus pandemic rose to 28,045.

The state’s hospitals are trying to prepare for the possibility that they may have to ration care for lack of beds and staff — and hoping they don’t have to make that choice.

California avoided surging Covid cases for months, but now the disease is raging out of control in the state and across the nation in the wake of Thanksgiving holiday gatherings that authorities say vastly spread infections. Only the state of Arizona tops California in cases per resident.

On Wednesday, a travel advisory issued by the authorities “strongly discouraged” people from out of state from entering California.

The travel advisory also said Californians should avoid traveling more than 120 miles from home except for essential purposes.

California’s previous advisory was issued in November and it was encouraged people to stay home or within their region without giving a specific range in miles. That guidelines outlined quarantine guidelines for out-of-state travelers but did not explicitly discourage travel.

This week, California ordered hospitals in the hardest-hit areas to delay many elective surgeries in order to free up space.

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