Capitol attack: Former Trump state department aide charged

Former Trump state department aide charged
Source: AP
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Daily US Times: A former state department aide in Donald Trump’s administration has been charged with participating in the US Capitol riot on 6 January and assaulting officers who were trying to protect the building, court papers show.

It is the first known case to be brought against a appointee of former President Trump in connection with the Capitol attack, which led to Trump’s historic second impeachment.

Federico Klein was seen wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat amid the throng of people in a tunnel trying to force their way into the Capitol on the day, the papers say.

Klein, , who also worked for Trump’s 2016 election campaign, pushed his way toward the doors, where, authorities say, “he physically and verbally engaged” with officers trying to keep the mob back.

According to the charging documents, Klein was seen on camera violently shoving a riot shield into an officer and inciting the crowd as it tried to storm past the police line, shouting: “We need fresh people, we need fresh peopl.”

Authorities say, as the violent mob struggled with police in the tunnel, Klein pushed the riot shield, which had been stolen from an officer, in between the Capitol doors, preventing police from closing them.

An officer eventually used chemical spray, forcing Klein to move somewhere else, officials say.

Klein was arrested on Thursday in the state of Virginia and faces charges including obstructing Congress and assaulting officers using a dangerous weapon.

The former state department aide was in custody on Friday and could not be reached for comment.

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