Census: People of color represent 43% of the total US population

People of color represent 43% of the total US population, Census data shows
Source: AFP
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Daily US Times: The US is more diverse and more multiracial than ever before, a new 2020 Census data released on Thursday shows. For the first time, the number of Americans who identify as white has fallen below 60% and population growth is being driven by ethnic minorities.

The data of the once-in-a-decade will be used to draw voting districts across the US ahead of next year’s midterm elections.

The data, collected amid the coronavirus pandemic could fray political nerves.

The census data shows the demographic shift of every neighbourhood in the country over the last 10 years. It includes ethnic and racial data as well as the voting age population of each location.

Over the last decade, the overall population grew by 7.4% to reach 331 million and the rate of growth was the slowest since the 1930s.

Just over half of the total growth was a result of increasing US Hispanic population, which reached 18.7% (62.1 million) of the total in 2020, compared to 16.4% in 2010 and 12.6% in 2000.

Additionally, the Asian-American population swelled by to 24 million or 35%, making it the fastest growing segment of the population in the US. The black population grew by 5.6%, according to the census, though essentially held steady at 12.1% as a share of the overall US demographic.

In California, the Latino or Hispanic population officially became the largest ethnic or racial group in the state for the first time.

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