Children found beneath Florida building

Children found beneath Florida building
Rescue teams are working 12-hour shifts as they scour the wreckage in Surfside, near Miami. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: The bodies of two children have been found in the rubble of a collapsed Florida building, raising the known death toll to 18.

Nobody has been pulled alive from the disaster site shortly after the tower block caved in on Thursday.

Rescue teams have been able to build a ramp for a crane to reach areas of the collapsed building that they had not been able to access before.

Nearly 150 people are still missing after the collapse took place last Thursday.

The latest victims to be found in the rubble have not yet been publicly identified.

Seven days after the collapse of the building, officials say they are still hopeful that some survivors could be found trapped in the debris.

Rescue teams say they are working 12-hour shifts as they comb the rubble, despite high humidity and sweltering heat hampering their efforts.

Lt Gov of Florida, Jeanette Nunez, said: “They are digging as if there are survivors there. They are still remaining hopeful, but it is indeed a terrible tragedy all around.”

Fresh rescue teams are due to arrive from other states to boost the effort, with severe tropical weather expected to hit the area in the coming days.

As well as bad weather, search and rescue teams have also faced falling debris and fires.

An Israeli team helping with the rescue efforts said it had discovered some tunnels large enough for a person, though most of the debris was “very, very tight.”

On Wednesday, one family confirmed that the 12th person found dead after the collapse was 92-year-old Hilda Noriega.

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