China denounces G7 after statement on Xinjiang and Hong Kong

China denounces G7 after statement on Xinjiang and Hong Kong
Most of the discussions over the three day summit are taking place behind closed doors. Source: Reuters
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Daily US Times: China has accused the G7 (Group of Seven) of “political manipulation” after it criticised Beijing over a range of issues.

In a joint statement at the end of a three-day summit, G7 leaders urged China to “respect human rights and fundamental freedoms”.

Issues highlighted included the crackdown on Hong Kong pro-democracy activists and abuses against the Uyghur Muslim minority group.

China’s embassy in the United Kingdom accused the G7, the world’s seven largest so-called advanced economies, of “baseless accusations”.

A spokesman said on Monday: “Stop slandering China, stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, and stop harming China’s interests.”

The statement by the G7 included pledges on a number of issues, such as ending the coronavirus pandemic and steps to tackle climate change, as well as references to China.

The group, made up of Italy, Japan, Canada, France, Germany the UK and the US, called on China to respect human rights in Xinjiang, a north-western region that is home to the Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities.

Experts generally agree that China has detained as many as 1m Uyghurs and other Muslims and imprisoned hundreds of thousands more in its crackdown in Xinjiang province, which began in 2017.

There have been widespread reports of psychological and physical torture inside prisons and detention camps in the region. Beijing denies the allegations.

The G7 statement also called for freedoms and rights to be respected in Hong Kong, where a new security law passed by China last year has made it easier to punish protesters.

The leaders of the G7 nations said Hong Kong should retain a “high degree of autonomy”, as established under agreements when it was handed back to China in 1997.

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