China is India’s top trade partner despite tensions

China is India's top trade partner despite tensions
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Daily US Times: China has regained its position as India’s top trade partner despite a decaying relationship between the two countries.

The two Asian neighbors were involved in a bloody border conflict last year and saw India ban 220 Chinese tech apps.

But that did not stop China leapfrogging the United States in 2020 to become India’s biggest trade partner.

Two-way trade between the long-standing economic and strategic Asian rivals stood at $77.7bn last year.

Although this number was lower than the previous year’s $85.5bn total, it was enough to make China India’s biggest trade partner, according to provisional data from Delhi’s commerce ministry.

Global trade flows have been muted during the coronavirus pandemic, although there has still been strong demand for medical equipment and supplies.

Despite efforts by India to become more self-reliant and curb trade with China, it still relies heavily on Chinese-made telecom equipment, heavy machinery and home appliances.

Total imports from China stood at 58.7 billion dollars, which were more than India’s combined purchases from the US and UAE – its second and third largest trade partners.

China and India were involved in a Himalayan border dispute last June that saw at least 20 Indian soldiers killed in a clash with Chinese forces.

China revealed last week that four of its soldiers had also died in the battle.

The incident between the soldiers was the first deadly clash in the border area for at least 45 years.

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