China reported 139 new cases of a mysterious virus in two days

China reported 139 new cases of a mysterious virus in two days
Most of the news cases have been detected in the city of Wuhan. Source: EPA
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Daily US Times, Shenzhen: China reported more than one hundred new cases of a mysterious virus in two days. It is the first time the country acknowledged the presence of the virus which has been circulating in world media in the past few days.

Authorities confirmed that new cases were identified in the cities of Wuhan, Beijing and Shenzhen.

Three people have died from respiratory illness due to the virus so far.

“Increased searching and testing” helps the rise of the number of cases, The World Health Organization (WHO) said.

The new mysterious coronavirus strain in China reported first in Wuhan in December. It has already spread abroad, with two cases in Thailand and one in Japan.

Asian countries like Bangladesh and India issued alert warning in the airports to protect the virus of further spreading.

What is the latest updates?

Authorities of the Chinese city of Wuhan said 136 new cases had been confirmed over the weekend, and a third person there died from the virus.

One hundred seventy people in the city still in hospitals taking treatments, including nine in critical condition.

Two people who had travelled to Wuhan were treated for pneumonia linked to the virus. A 66-year-old man showed symptoms of the virus after he visited relatives in Wuhan.

China’s National Health Commission earlier warns that close monitoring was needed given that the source, transmission and mutation methods were unknown. But the commission also said it is “still preventable and controllable”.

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