China reports zero new deaths for the first time

China reports zero new deaths for the first time
China reports zero new deaths for the first time
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Daily US Times: China has reported zero new deaths in the past day, the first time since the outbreak has begun.

The country has been reporting deaths in the single-digit range for some days – and there are ongoing questions about the validity of China’s data – it’s a symbolic moment to have a zero in that category.

The good news comes just a day before Wuhan will further ease its lockdown measures. People will be allowed to leave the city, the epicenter of the outbreak, for the first time since it was locked down on 23 January.

China’s apparent defeat of the virus is a welcome headline for authorities in a time when the United States is counting its mountain high death toll.

The US has more than 10,000 overall death and the highest daily death toll from any country battling the virus.

For the past weeks, Beijing has been offering and sending help to Asian and European countries that are still battling their own virus crises.

Though China has not reported any deaths, it has reported 32 new infections – all of which it says were imported by people coming in from abroad.

‘Even if you doubt China’s data, it’s good news’

Even if there are lots of doubts regarding the authenticity of the figures shown by China’s National Health Commission, but the first day with zero new reported coronavirus deaths cause for hope in China and even across the world.

There has been much debate about the veracity of this country’s coronavirus statistics, but it has been clear that the new infections in the country were falling, even if the overall number of infections and deaths is under-reported, the trend seems instructive.

China’s Communist Party-controlled media is not reporting the first 24 hours without fatalities with any great fanfare.

The subject isn’t even a key trending subject on Chinese social media platforms.

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