China’s crackdown on K-pop and other celebrity fan clubs

China's crackdown on K-pop and other celibrity fan clubs
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Daily US Times: China has announced it will not tolerate unacceptable behavior from celebrity fan clubs. The announcement came as China’s increasingly obsessive celebrity fans continue to create headlines for all the wrong reasons.

When Kris Wu, Chinese-Canadian pop star, was arrested on suspicion of rape last month, some of his fans immediately posted planes online to break him out of prison.

On microblogging platform Weibo, one of the fans wrote: “Girls, there’s strength in numbers, let’s fly to Beijing and rescue him.”

Others said they were prepared with pliers to cut wired fences and shovels to dig tunnels.

All of the profiles were now deleted.

China’s top disciplinary body said in a statement: “The chaos in celebrity fan clubs, exposed by the ‘Kris Wu incident’, shows that bad fan culture has reached a critical moment that must be corrected.” Authorities have said that thousands of “toxic” comments from fans and groups have been deleted.

China’s internet watchdog said in a 10-point plan two weeks ago that it would stop the dissemination of “harmful” information in celebrity fan clubs, including verbal abuse and gossip.

The watchdog warned that any platforms that don’t work to quickly remove such content would also be penalised.

“There needs to be a limitation of irrational star-chasing,” the country’s top disciplinary body said.

China has ramped up efforts for months to rein in what it calls “chaotic” fan culture – a move welcomed even among some celebrity fans.

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