China’s latest Covid outbreak linked to primary school

China's latest Covid outbreak linked to primary school
File photo of students in China. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: China has seen a new surge in Covid-19 cases linked to a primary school in the province of Fujian.

Initial reports suggest the coronavirus outbreak could be due to a student’s father, who tested positive for the virus last week.

Authorities in Fujian province have ordered that all students and teachers of the primary school must be tested within a week, after more than 100 cases were reported in 4 days.

The latest surge comes a month after the country contained the Nanjing outbreak – it’s biggest since Wuhan.

The city of Putian in Fujian province appears to be among one of the hardest-hit places. The city is home to about three million residents.

The first coronavirus cases there have been linked to a primary school.

The suspected source of the outbreak is a student’s father who tested positive for Covid-19 on 10 September – 38 days after returning from Singapore on August 4th.

He had served 21 days in quarantine, during which he had taken serologic tests and nucleic acid, all of which came negative, said a report in the state-run Global Times newspaper.

It is unclear if the student’s father was indeed infected in outside of China, as such a long incubation period is very unusual.

Officials have taken steps to try and contain the outbreak.

Schools have been closed and anyone leaving the city of Putian must have proof of a negative Covid test within the last 48 hours.

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