Chinese military propaganda video mocked over ‘Hollywood clips’

China military propaganda video mocked over 'Hollywood clips'
The military propaganda video was launched over the weekend. Source: PLA AIRFORCE ONLINE
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Daily US Times: A Chinese military propaganda video simulating a bombing raid used clips from Hollywood blockbusters, including The Rock and Transformers, reports say.

The video, called Gods of War – Attack!, shows nuclear-capable H-6 bombers carrying out a simulated attack on what appears to be a US military base on the Pacific island of Guam.

The propaganda video was viewed nearly five million times on China’s Sina Weibo microblogging platform, but many users mocked its apparent use of scenes from Hollywood movies.

One joked: “It’s fortunate that China has no issues with copyright,” while another user wrote: “Stealing from another American film? I just… haha” and a trird user wrote: “Don’t use clips from these awful countries. People look down on us on Twitter and it drives me crazy.”

The two-minute video, was released by China’s air force on Saturday.

Set to dramatic music, the video shows H-6 bombers launching an attack on what appears to be the US’s Andersen Air Force Base.

The air force wrote alongside the video: “We are the defenders of the motherland’s aerial security; we have the confidence and ability to always defend the security of the motherland’s skies.”

But social media users quickly noticed that the video’s most dramatic scenes appeared to have been taken from the films The Rock and Hurt Locker and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The Chinese military has not officially commented on these claims.

A source close to the Chinese military told the South China Morning Post newspaper that it was common practice for the army’s publicity department to “borrow” from Hollywood films.

The source was quoted as saying: “Almost all of the officers in the department grew up watching Hollywood movies, so in their minds, American war films have the coolest images.”

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