Competitors of Tokyo 2020 to be tested daily for Covid-19

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Competitors to be tested daily for Covid-19
The Tokyo Olympics runs from 23 July-8 August, followed by the Paralympics from 24 August-5 September. Source: Getty Images
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Daily US Times: Competitors will have daily coronavirus tests at this summer’s Olympics and Paralympics in Japan’s capital Tokyo.

Athletes will also need to wear face coverings except when they are “eating, drinking, sleeping, training or competing”.

And those travelling from outside Japan will be given a phone with apps for contact tracing and health reporting.

There will be no international fans in the Olympics but a decision on whether local fans can attend the Games will be made in June.

There is no requirement for competitors to be vaccinated but they will need to undergo a three-day quarantine on arrival.

An updated version of the athletes’ playbook, which lays out the guidelines for the Olympics and the competitors, was released on Wednesday.

The guideline stated:

. Other Games participants will be tested for the first three days after they arrive and will then receive regular tests
. No participants can use public transport and will instead use dedicated Games vehicles
. People travelling from outside Japan will have to take two tests before flying
. Athletes will be given daily tests “to minimise the risk of undetected positive cases”
. Passengers in the vehicles must refrain from conversation
. An athlete who “intentionally refuses” to take a test could be sent home
. Those at the Games can eat only in catering facilities at on-site venues, restaurants at their accommodation or in their room

Because of the coronavirus surge, Japan is in a state of emergency until at least 11 May.

A statement from Games organisers added: “We are confident that compliance with these regulations will ensure the safety and security of athletes, Games officials and spectators, as well as the people of Tokyo.”

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