COP26: Obama says world ‘still falling short’ on fighting climate change

Barack Obama says world 'still falling short' on fighting climate change
Barack Obama received a rapturous reception at COP26. Source: Sky News
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Daily US Times: Former US President Barack Obama has told the COP26 summit that the world is “collectively and individually… still falling short” on fighting climate change.

The former US president is making a speech at the start of the second week of the Glasgow event.

“We have not done nearly enough to address this crisis. We are going to have to do more,” said Mr Obama.

He went on to say: “We are nowhere near where we need to be at,” adding that most countries had failed to meet their promises from the Paris Agreement.

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He warned: “The consequences of not moving fast enough are becoming more apparent all the time.”

He also criticised his successor Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris deal, but said under President Biden the US government was “once again engaged” in the climate battle.

“Some of our progress stalled when my successor decided to unilaterally pull out of the Paris agreement,” Mr Obama told delegates.

“I wasn’t real happy with that.”

Mr Obama also said it was “discouraging” that the leaders of China and Russia, countries vital to the climate change battle, were not at the summit.

Their plans so far show an apparent “dangerous lack of urgency and willingness to maintain the status quo”, said the former US president.

“We can’t afford to stay where we are. The world has to step up and it has to step up now,” he said.

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